How SOLIX is Changing the Way Florida Guides Fish

Tarpon guide Mark Bennett has seen it all in 26 years of patrolling Florida’s coast for the King. For decades, he’s relied on keen eyes and a pair of Costas to spot the coveted fish when they surface. Normally, it’s an automatic task for his seasoned eyes; but when a cold front moves in and the fish begin to hide, finding fish is tougher…until now.

Recently, Bennett’s eyes were opened MEGA-wide, as he leveraged Humminbird’s new SOLIX to spot tarpon well below the water line at distances of 125 feet left and right of his boat. “I can easily see which way the fish are traveling,” he says. “The detail of the MEGA Side Imaging is insane. I can reliably I.D. tarpon, snook, and other gamefish, and I can even see fish heads, tails and even see their fins! It gives me the confidence to know I’m fishing in the right areas, so I know that I’m fishing the right fish. The SOLIX makes everything easier and since ‘it talks’ to my Minn Kota motor, my boat drives itself along contours I choose.”

26 years after he began guiding for a living, Mark Bennett is looking at Florida’s waterways in an entirely new light.

“The SOLIX unit is something I rely on every day. It’s changed the way I fish.”

See SOLIX in the ICAST 2018 New Product Showcase and visit Humminbird at ICAST Booth 222.

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