Snag Proof Teams with ODU Marketing

Connie Fuller, President of Snag Proof announced today that “Snag Proof” and ODU (OutDoors Unlimited™) Marketing and Consulting Company have joined forces. Connie stated that she is excited about working with the ODU family. ODU brings over 50 years of experience to the partnership and has a wealth of knowledge in all aspects of the industry from marketing, public relations, social media, TV and tournament experiences. I know you will be seeing and hearing a lot more from “Snag Proof” over the coming year.

As part of this partnership, ODU Marketing and Consulting will use™ (North America’s largest 100% digital fishing magazine), ODU Outdoor News and the most extensive outdoor Twitter network with over 300,000 Twitter followers, to promote the worlds “Original” and best known frog lures “Snag Proof”. Connie went on to say that, ODU Outdoor News, Twitter and Facebook followers will be some of the first to learn about “Snag Proof’s” new products and fishing techniques. Our combined efforts will be keeping everyone up to date on the latest news from the company. And we will be hearing from the pros like Ish Monroe, Chris Lane, Bobby Barrack and the rest of the “Snag Proof” pro’s over the coming year.

Stay with us for more exciting news from the worlds’ best know frog manufacturer “Snag Proof”.