Smith’s Sporting Group to Exhibit at Crappie Expo 2023

The Edge Experts: Showcasing Unmatched Expertise at the World's Largest Crappie Expo.

Smith’s Sporting Group, a leading name in the fishing gear industry, aims to make a significant impact at the Crappie Expo 2023. As a platinum sponsor for the event, Smith’s Sporting Group will proudly showcase its latest fishing innovations and Mr. Crappie signature series items. 

Crappie Expo, the anticipated celebration of crappie fishing, is taking place in Birmingham, Alabama, from September 22nd to the 24th. Wally Marshall, AKA Mr.Crappie, developed the event in 2019. It has since evolved into one of the largest Crappie tournaments in the United States. In conjunction with the tournament, the expo offers a comprehensive platform for fishing manufacturers, featuring over 100 vendors.

Smith’s Sporting Group has passionately supported the Crappie Expo since the beginning, demonstrating a strong commitment to enhancing crappie fishing. Ricky Dukes, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Smith’s Sporting Group, highlights Smith’s commitment to fit the needs of crappie anglers: “The Expo has been a wonderful opportunity to learn exactly what crappie fishermen are looking for. We understand that crappie fisherman have their own needs, and the sport is every bit as serious as the bass fishing side of the business!”

“Smith’s is on the cutting edge of the Crappie Expo. They have been a major sponsor of the Expo since its inception, and every year, Smith’s continues to add new top-notch products to their already fantastic stable of crappie fishing gear,” said Marshall.

The long-lasting partnership between Marshall and Smith’s has yielded an impressive array of signature items in their fishing lineup. Marshall states, “Smith’s gave me an opportunity to work with them designing products. Recently, we came out with the new flex line of knives. When it comes to cleaning crappie, which is a delicate fish with really fine meat, a super sharp, flexible knife is what you have to have. The new eight-inch flex is amazing for this job!”

Visitors to the expo can expect to see these innovative products and more, including the Mr. Crappie Electric Fillet.

“We look forward to the Crappie Expo in Birmingham and continuing our support of this outstanding event,” said Dukes.

Smith’s Sporting Group invites all crappie enthusiasts and attendees to explore its impressive lineup of tools and accessories and check out the latest innovations in crappie fishing at the Crappie Expo 2023.

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