Smith’s Is Your Premium Choice for Knives, Tools, And Accessories

Every time anglers cast a line in search of the next bite, or hunters stalk their quarry silently through the woods, they rely on quality knives, tools, and related accessories for an enjoyable and productive experience. For more than a century, Smith’s Consumer Products has worked tirelessly to craft the ultimate sharpening products that deliver the perfect edge, every time. Today, the Edge Experts at Smith’s have expanded to offer everything that anglers, hunters, and other outdoor enthusiasts need for success – from the field and at the table.

Born in Hot Springs, Arkansas in 1886, Smith’s Consumer Products began as a manufacturer of sharpening tools based on natural Arkansas stone. This unique mineral – known to geologists as Novaculite – is found in the Ouachita Mountains, covering over 47,000 square miles in western Arkansas and southeastern Oklahoma. The whetstones manufactured from Arkansas stone are among the most highly sought-after sharpening tools, renowned for the sharp, high-quality, resilient edges they produce on a wide range of implements – from surgical instruments and knives to chisels and axes.

“Since its inception, Smith’s has focused on sharpening, and developing the best methods and products for sharpening knives and tools,” notes Ricky Dukes, Vice President of Marketing at Smith’s Consumer Products. “Of course, we still produce whetstones from natural Arkansas stone, but we have also expanded to offer a diverse range of sharpening devices that leverage other edge-honing materials, including ceramics and diamond. Whether you need to sharpen your grandpa’s heirloom pocketknife, your favorite axe before splitting a load of firewood, a mechanical broadhead before a trip into the deer woods, or a fillet knife after a long workout at the cleaning table – the Edge Experts at Smith’s have the perfect sharpener for you.”

“Our history of producing exceptional sharpeners,” continues Dukes, “serves as the platform for expanding our specialized knife and tool offerings – especially for use on the water and in the field.” Now, every angler, hunter, hiker, and camper can turn to Smith’s Consumer Products to find the perfect knives, tools, and accessories to support a lifetime of outdoor adventures.

“Our fishing category continues to grow in popularity, and it’s rewarding to provide top-quality products to both professional and amateur fishing enthusiasts alike,” reflects Dukes. Today, Smith’s produces a wide range of products that address the needs of both freshwater and saltwater anglers, including fillet knives, bait knives, shears, clippers, pliers, and much more. “We are proud to work closely with highly visible and influential partners in the fishing industry – including “Mr. Crappie” Wally Marshall, Darcizzle Offshore, and “The Seahunter” Rob Fordyce – to develop and produce the best products for anglers to use, both on and off the water.”

“Our goals of producing the finest quality knives and tools extends to other outdoor pursuits, including hunting and camping,” asserts Dukes. “At Smith’s, hunters will find everything they need to process both small and large game, including a wide variety of knives, gut hooks, multi-tools, and even useful accessories like fire starters to help warm up after a long day in the woods, and hand sharpeners for maintaining the perfect edge in the field. We use only the finest 420 stainless steel and premium components to ensure durability and dependability while maintaining an extremely competitive price point.”

“Although Smith’s has historically focused on sharpening knives, we’ve always shared a great love for the tools that provide the edge that every outdoors enthusiast needs to succeed,” concludes Dukes. “We’re very excited to offer the best and most diverse sharpeners on the planet, as well as a comprehensive selection of the ideal knives, tools, and accessories for anglers, hunters, and more.”


Smith’s Consumer Products is an Arkansas-based company that traces its history to 1886. Smith’s produces the broadest line of knife and scissors sharpeners available, ranging from simple, fixed angle pull-through sharpeners for consumers that want quick and easy sharpening to sophisticated Precision Kits designed for the knife sharpening enthusiast. Our offering includes both manual and electrical sharpeners that incorporate many different abrasive materials, including diamond, carbide, ceramic, bonded synthetic abrasives, and, of course, natural Arkansas stones. Smith’s Consumer Products designs products that are appropriate for the field or gourmet kitchen.