Smith’s Consumer Products Premier Fly Fishing Forceps At ICAST 2023

The dry fly lands gently in the current seam above the trout. As it floats downstream, the trout sees it, and with vibrating fins and a quick push with his tail, he tipps up, and the small comparadun disappears in a classic head and tail rise. The trout is quickly landed, and it is easy to see that the fish had complete confidence in the fly because the hook is embedded at the back of his mouth. There’s only one thing to do, and that’s forceps surgery!

Fly Anglers know how hard it is to handle tiny flies. From organizing fly boxes to tying a fly onto a leader or unhooking a fish, there are always challenges when dealing with such small hooks. Fly anglers were some of the first to use forceps in their angling arsenal, but any angler using small flies or lures will find using a high-quality set of forceps vitally helpful!

Smith’s line of high-quality stainless steel clamping forceps is a perfect tool for fly fishing or any other angling pursuit where small hooks or baits are employed. Each set is constructed of stainless steel and offers three-locking position serrated jaws for a no-slip hold of your bait and large finger loops for ease of use.

The three-position ratcheting mechanism is ideal for adjusting the tension needed to grasp small baits or flies without the bait slipping and is comprised of three interlocking teeth just behind the large finger loops. They are a fantastic tool for removing small hooks inside a fish’s mouth, where normal pliers of any type are almost always too large, causing damage to the fish during the hook removal.

Smith’s offer three different forceps, a 5-inch version, a 5.5-inch set with scissors right behind the locking jaws, and a 6.5-inch set. They all have a beautifully polished finish that cleans up with a damp cloth after a long day on the water. Constructed of the highest quality materials, they will last a lifetime and make a fantastic gift for any fly fisherman.


The 5-inch Fly Fishing Forceps come with the same beautifully polished finish and also sport elegant gold oversized finger loops. They are the perfect size for working a small hook from a fish’s mouth, especially if the fly is swallowed. Their diminutive size allows you to see what you’re doing as you grasp the bend of the hook to work it from the fish’s mouth. These forceps are a great addition to a fly vest, and by nature of their 3-position ratcheting lock, they’ll easily clip right to your fishing vest or shirt for convenient accessibility when needed. They are also a simple joy to use when arranging your fly box or when fat fingers seem to get in the way while moving such small offerings.


The 5.5-inch Fly Fishing Forceps are slightly larger than the 5-inch version but come with a set of scissors or knot nippers right behind the jaw. While they are a fantastic way to cut leaders or nip a tag off when adding a tippet section, they also work wonders if you have to do minor fly surgery on one of your bugs. They can clip a wing or trim back an overlarge foam body. It’s a perfect tool for making minor adjustments to your flies on the water, while still having the diminutive size to allow you to easily unhook fish hooked deep.


The 6-inch Fly Fishing Forceps are just a bit larger than the preceding models. They are perfect when working with slightly larger flies where a bit more leverage is needed to work a fly from a fish’s jaw. They come with the same 3-position locking mechanism, so they easily clip to your fly vest or shirt. While slightly larger than the other forceps models, they are still small enough for detail work.

Smith’s Consumer Products – the Edge Experts since 1886 – offers exceptional tools, knives, and accessories for all anglers and outdoor adventurers. Learn more about all of Smith’s innovative new products by visiting Booth 2508 at ICAST 2023.


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