Smartbaits color- changing lures debut at ICAST

Want to see something that’s new, instantly impressive, sure to be an industry hit and a big seller?

Get a first look at the new water temperature activated, rapid color-changing Smartbaits™.

“Smartbaits made a trial run at the Bassmaster Classic,” said Sammy Lee, “and anglers’ reactions — including Classic competitors — were amazing. Three legendary TV pros, all Bass Fishing Hall of Famers, called the patented technology ‘industry changing.’”

“Smartbaits’ unique chemistry imitates wounded, bleeding prey fish, changing color at different water temperatures and depths,” said owner Michael Dingman. “Predator fish, like large bass, hone in on those colors of injured, bleeding smaller fish and attack.

“Smartbaits incite that attack. In cold deepwater or warm shallow water, just one Smartbaits lure quickly changes colors inciting more fish strikes.” “They do catch fish and do exactly what they say they do,” said Lee, a former pro angler.

Smartbaits is introducing a huge variety of hard baits in jerk, crank and vibrating styles plus soft baits in a variety of worms, grub and swimming baits. There are also reusable glow-in-the-dark baits that last for eight hours and a line for kids.

“Youngsters are fascinated at how the baits rapidly change colors,” said Lee. “It’s an instant hit and a great way to get them involved, bonding in the outdoors and catching fish.”

Visit Smartbaits’ owners Leslee and Michael Dingman at booth 616 to see how these baits quickly change in warm to cold water and how the baits’ red bellies appear to bleed inflaming a strike. Smartbaits’ website is

The new water temperature activated color-changing Smartbaits come in a huge variety of soft and hard bait styles and models.