SIMMS Talks Trip Protection with Sportswear Launch

BOZEMAN, Mont.– Simms Fishing Products is aiming to help protect anglers from the perils of sunburn.

The company is launching its campaign, Trip Protection, featuring the benefits of selecting the right fishing-specific sportswear.  The story was crafted in December on a trip to Blackfly Lodge on Abaco Island, Bahamas.

“Anglers associate Simms gear with keeping them on the water longer in all types of conditions,” says Matt Millette, Simms Sr. Director of Brand Marketing. “Sometimes that notion is lost in warmer climates like the Bahamas, but great gear is just as crucial there as anywhere else in the world.”

Increased exposure to the sun while angling is a long-battled obstacle while flats fishing.  Simms’ line of sun protection sportswear is UPF 30+, which means that only 1/30th of harmful UV radiation can penetrate the garment.  Use of sun protection clothing can prolong fishing time on the water and ensure a more enjoyable fishing trip.

Simms teamed with the guides at Blackfly Lodge to tell their sun protection story.  In addition, renowned guides Mike Schultz and Paula Shearer joined the team in the Bahamas.  Today the company launches a Featured Story at, complete with the breakdown of sun protection sportswear, short film and travelogue about fishing in the Bahamas for bonefish.

To learn more Trip Protection and the Simms Bahamas story, visit

FTR Tip: You can watch the video above, but visit the Feature Story on the Simms website for some incredible photos and the back story behind Trip Protection.