Should You Be Pinning?

Pinterest is a social media tool that many retailers are using to boost sales and their social media awareness with very little work. While Pinterest is considered to be a female-dominated social media platform, the amount of anglers and hunters using Pinterest is continuing to rise. Do a search for fishing or bass fishing and you will see a large list of everything from how to’s, to favorite lures and fishing equipment on Pinterest.

Retailers are finding that Pinterest is a great way to not only build a brand awareness, it is also a great way to build your social voice and become more than just a store name – your store can take on a persona online. It is a known fact that people prefer to shop and buy from someone they know and can trust. Getting new customers to know you, and what you stand for is much easier if they can see what you find interesting through your posts on Pinterest. Think of your store’s Pinterest account like any other social media account; let it have a personality and a human feel to it. Social media is about interaction and even if it is just by re-pinning or sharing someone’s photo you are showing your personality.

Pinterest is still the newer kid on the block when it comes to social media sites, especially in the marketing sense that many retailers will use it for. Here are seven ways to start using Pinterest to grow your stature in the social media world.

Get a Game Plan
Why are you planning to use Pinterest? What do you want your end result to be? Are you interested in driving traffic to your store’s site to sell more fishing tackle, boost your in-store sales, get more exposure for your store’s name, or just as an additional outlet to interact with customers? No matter your reason, decide upon your game plan before you begin. This will help you as you post and re-pin photos or videos on Pinterest.

Add Pins to Your Site
This may take some extra work, but by making your site Pinterest-friendly it will allow customers to pin products for sale on your site to Pinterest. Pinterest has a new feature that lists the price of items when it is pinned. This is a great way to sell hard-to-find items that anglers want, even if they are not local to you, along with a great way to clear out reduced-priced items.

Even if you do not use your site for e-commerce, customers can pin photos from your digital trophy wall and events that you’ve posted photos to on your site to Pinterest. This alone will increase your social footprint and get your store’s site more traffic.

Be Active in the Community
Pinterest is a social media community like any other social media site; the more active you are, the better your results will be. To stay active in Pinterest will involve pinning original ideas along with re-pinning photos from other users, or from manufacturers whose products you sell. One of the other great features Pinterest offers is that you can share your pins and re-pins on both your Facebook page, Google + page, and through Tweets. This will help those who are already following on those platforms help find you on Pinterest.

Showcase Your Knowledge
As you build your boards in Pinterest and begin pinning photos to them, be mindful of the terms you use. Pinterest is searchable by Google; this means you need to use phrases and terms your customers and potential customers will use when searching for products or your store. Use keywords you know to work on your site, and apply to the boards and pins you are showcasing as much as possible. You are also able to use #hashtags in Pinterest, just like in Facebook and Twitter. It is a good idea to keep a pad handy next to your computer and when you see certain keywords or #hashtags that have many posts associated with them and can apply to your posts, write them down and use them. If you find certain boards are not getting enough traffic, see what happens after you change out the keywords associated with it.

Keep Them Engaged
While Pinterest is great for viewing photos and videos, you need to keep your followers interested. You can do this by posting a few times a week to Pinterest. Another method though, that is reported to have received an almost eighty percent increase in engagement, are giveaways. Giveaways can be as simple or as large as you want them to be. Giving away a lure, a book, or an e-book on your website, but promoting it through Pinterest is almost a guaranteed way to increase your exposure to customers and potential customers.

Show them Something Different
If you want to capture more views than the average poster to Pinterest, give your followers something different to look at. If you host an event at your store, in your town or even attend an event like a buyer’s show, take photos with the intent of posting them to Pinterest. Followers love to see behind-the-scenes photos and videos of events as they unfold. They also enjoy having a sneak peek at the off-limits events consumers rarely get a chance to attend or witness.

Play the Numbers
This last tip has nothing to do with gambling. If you ignore it, you are taking a gamble on your success with Pinterest. Like most social media sites, Pinterest offers an analytics feature that will break down: how many customers have pinned content from your site; how many users have come to your site from Pinterest; what pins have received the most clicks; what items were the most pinned; and how many people have been exposed to your pins through the various social media sites they have appeared on. This information will give you a working knowledge of what people like, have little interest in, and what they cannot get enough of. Remember, these trends can and will change from month to month. The trend of consumers wanting to see the hot new lure from ICAST will surely fade by October. Follow the numbers and identify the trends and keep track of them; next year the key areas of interest are sure to repeat and you can plan on how to take advantage of the seasonal trends.

Pinterest is yet another great free tool for retailers to use and take advantage of to grow their social media footprint and exposure. This platform is thought by many to be used only by the ladies, but remember females make up a quarter of the angling population, so that is a benefit. Men are using Pinterest as well and are joining at a growing rate – are you taking advantage of this new trend? If you have a Pinterest account already, for either personal or business use, what trends are you noticing? Share your thoughts with us on our LinkedIn page or with us on Facebook. If there are other social media sites, or digital communication questions in general that you have, be sure to post them to either of our social media sites as well. We’ll be sure to get an answer for you and maybe write an article on it.