Shimano Sustain Tackles the Toughest Assignments

Strong yet sensitive aren’t words typically defining an aesthetic show-stopper. But they do illustrate Shimano’s newly-redesigned Sustain FJ series of spinning reels, each built to conquer the toughest of any inshore or freshwater species.

The redesigned Sustain FJ is a member of the MagnumLite series of reels, providing the perfect blend of performance and toughness with every turn of the handle. Shimano’s MagnumLite Rotor represents an entirely new approach to rotor design, delivering vastly improved balance and low rotor inertia. Engineered to optimize the balance between weight and durability, the MagnumLite Rotor makes Sustain more sensitive and responsive, providing crisp start-and-stop retrieves and instantaneous hooksets across a wide range of applications.

Premium gearing within the redesigned Sustain FJ enables these reels to tackle the toughest assignments. Shimano’s HAGANE Gear lies at the heart of Sustain, delivering smooth performance and legendary durability through the union of strength and power. The cold-forged aluminum HAGANE Gear delivers smooth feel and function over many seasons. By leveraging an exclusive three-dimensional design process and eliminating cutting work on the drive gear, the HAGANE Gear offers unparalleled durability compared to reels with diecast or machined gear construction. Sustain’s operation is enhanced by Micromodule Gear II technology, representing an exacting refinement of every gear surface and tooth to deliver effortless operation with minimal sound. Each Sustain FJ also incorporates Shimano’s SilentDrive technology, a unique feature handed down from Shimano’s flagship lineup of reels that leverages high-precision, micron-level tolerances for each drive train component to reduce wobble, noise and vibration. Thanks to the HAGANE Gear, Micromodule Gear II and Silent Drive technology, anglers fishing with Sustain will enjoy an exceptional balance of durability and smooth operation.

The HAGANE Body encapsulates Sustain FJ within an all-metal, aluminum frame for extreme rigidity and impact resistance, efficiently transforming every turn of the handle into cranking power. Shimano engineered Sustain FJ for the long haul with water and corrosion resistance delivered by the Shimano X-Protect system. By combining water-repellent coatings with a water-channeling labyrinth construction, Shimano’s X-Protect technology shrugs off the elements without sacrificing reel performance, ensuring years of durability.
Lighter than its predecessor throughout the series, the redesigned Sustain FJ now includes Shimano’s Long Stroke Spool system, which increases casting distance to help reach far-away fish. Long Stroke Spool enhances Sustain’s versatility, allowing the angler to present finesse plastics, small plugs, and delicate live bait to wary fish in skinny water.

After the strike and powerful hookset, Shimano’s Cross Carbon Drag ensures that Sustain FJ can deliver the prize catch to hand. Incorporated throughout the redesigned Sustain series, Cross Carbon Drag provides a wider range of drag settings along with the smoothest Shimano drag performance available.

Sustain FJ uniquely couples technological superiority with eye-catching aesthetics. The reel’s body has a subdued matte black finish, complemented by chrome and gold accents on the body, rotor, spool and handle – sure to turn angler’s heads just as fast as it pulls trophy fish out of heavy cover.

Form meets function in the redesigned Sustain FJ, which delivers a seamless blend of sensitivity and durability that will exceed even the most discerning angler’s expectations. The 2500-series Sustain (SA2500HGFJ) is a great choice for soft plastic presentations to speckled sea trout or snook and is also an outstanding general-purpose freshwater bass or walleye option. Step up to the C3000-series Sustain (SAC3000HGFJ), with its deeper cut spool for more line capacity, in a reel with the same body size and 7.4-ounce weight as the 2500-series Sustain. The larger, 4000-series Sustain (SA4000XGFJ) delivers faster line retrieve speeds and hits the sweet spot for many inshore applications – especially slot reds and small tarpon – while the C5000-series Sustain (SAC5000XGFJ) leverages the largest line capacity in the series and 24 pounds of drag to bring bull reds, jacks, and even tripletail to hand. Sustain FJ is available now from authorized Shimano dealers with an MSRP of $299.99 to $309.99.

Sustain Features

  • MGL Rotor
  • Micromodule Gear II
  • HAGANE Gear
  • HAGANE Body
  • SilentDrive
  • Long Stroke Spool
  • Cross Carbon Drag
  • Propulsion Line Management System
  • X-Protect
  • Aero Wrap
  • Screw-in Handle
  • One-Piece Titanium Bail
  • S AR-B

About Shimano

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