Shimano School Tackles Fall Stripers

Shimano School returns on Tuesday, September 14, with another informative and entertaining event. JP DeRose hosts these live-streaming video seminars, featuring compelling topics and special guests from across the spectrum of the fishing world.

Shimano School meets every two weeks and streams live on the Shimano Facebook Page and the Shimano North America’s YouTube Channel.

Captain Mike Roy headlines this edition of Shimano School to discuss Fall techniques for striped bass. Roy is the owner-operator of Reel Cast Charters, and has been guiding clients to trophy stripers in the Connecticut waters of Long Island Sound for over a decade. He has carved out a unique niche in the Northeast sportfishing community by specializing in shallow water striper fishing with light tackle – and he loves chasing stripers in the fall.

Roy notes that, “as water temperatures cool in the fall, big stripers that were pretty lethargic in late summer get supercharged, with aggression levels that are off the charts. Our prime bite window starts in September and can run into mid-November, with every predator – bonita, bluefish and striped bass – on the chew. All of these fish are feeding aggressively as they get ready to travel south, completing their annual migration up and back down the Atlantic coast.

“In this edition of Shimano School, I’ll be detailing our approach the fall bite from the perspective of light tackle and relatively shallow water. I’ll go in-depth on the ways that we use the versatile G. Loomis IMX-PRO Blue series of saltwater rods to cover the entire presentation spectrum – from small plastics up to big surface poppers. This is a Shimano School that every striped bass angler will appreciate.”

Shimano invites viewers to post questions to the Facebook and YouTube live streams, while Captain Roy and DeRose provide the answers needed to help viewers succeed with striped bass this fall. Shimano School is in session starting at 8 PM EST on Tuesday, September 14.

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