Shimano: Congestion at Ports Could Affect the Way You Order

Negotiations between dock workers and port terminal workers in California caused a temporary shutdown of the Port of Los Angeles this weekend. Today, Shimano sent a letter to the industry detailing the effects of that shutdown on their distribution network.

The letter is available in its entirety below:

Many of you are already aware of this situation, but we wanted to explain it from the Shimano point of view. The on-going labor negotiations in the Port of Los Angeles have created a critical slowdown of ships and containers of many fishing tackle products coming in from overseas. These delays could mean many weeks or months before product will be back on the correct shipping path — or even close to getting to your stores.

But as you know, G. Loomis rods are handcrafted and assembled in Woodland, WA, and all PowerPro line is braided in Grand Junction, CO. Both of these Shimano owned companies have healthy inventory at this time, and for tackle dealers, this is your opportunity to take advantage of these locally produced products. The benefit to our dealers of G. Loomis rod and PowerPro braid being produced in the USA, is these products are not affected in any way with the shipping delays trending at the Port of Los Angles.

Choosing G. Loomis allows tackle dealers to keep their rod racks full – plus even adding additional rod racks for rods such as our new E6X series confirms that you will not lose sales due to lack of product.

A very large percent of the fishing lines is produced outside the US and you will possibly experience delays to your shipments or even the loss of sale in your store. PowerPro, made here in the states, will be available to fill your pegs.

The Shimano team is monitoring the Port of Los Angles situation closely and is taking any steps we can to reduce delays to our customers. We have had some delays on our lure shipments, however Shimano reels and rods in January and so far in February have hit a very positive 90% fill rate.

Additionally Shimano has a secondary warehouse location in South Carolina that is less effected from the Long Beach port issues.

Please contact us at any time to discuss your needs for the 2015 tackle season.
S-T.E.C. is one more way to provide our dealers the Shimano brand value by supplying our customers with these types of industry concerns to increase their business.

For further reading on the congestion at West Coast ports, we recommend digging through Courtney Reagan’s report at CNBC.