Shimano’s Letter to Independent Tackle Shops

Shimano is celebrating 50 years since their U.S. division, Shimano America, was founded in 1965. Earlier this week, they released a letter to independent retailers honoring a five-decade long partnership. You can read that letter here:

Shimano American was founded in 1965 as a way to become closer to our retailers and better understand the U.S. Market. Our guiding principle was, and still is, to serve the market better by building quality relationships.

As we reflect on our 50 year journey in America, we honor you, our independent retail partners. We thank you for allowing us to be a part of your business. As we look towards the future, we promise to strive for continual improvement and to add value to the industry we love.

A message from the President

Today, the team members of Shimano American proudly remain committed to the vision set forth in 1965 by Yoshizo Shimano when he established our business in the United States.davepfieffershimano

Every day we challenge ourselves to be the best possible partners for the people to whom we owe our very existence. Just as it was a half-century ago, we understand the key to success is to establish a deep familiarity with each market and its people in order to develop strategies that benefit each other.

In our technology-driven world, there are so many quick and easy ways to communicate, but we have found time and time again that personal face-to-face communication remains the most effective method of developing solid, productive and enduring relationships.

Our success depends on listening to and addressing your needs, as our success is ultimately born from your success. This is a fact we never take for granted. Our collective future will be determined by the story we write together today, tomorrow and each day after that.

We strive for continual improvement and work hard to turn mistakes into learning opportunities. Our relationships are critical to this endeavor. It is your partnership that helps us find ways to do our jobs better so that, together, we may continue our shared success for another fifty years and beyond.

On behalf of myself, our president Yozo Shimano and the entire team Shimano, we extend to you our kindest wishes and profound gratitude as we celebrate the 50th anniversary of Shimano American Corporation.


Dave Pfieffer

President, Shimano American Corporation

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