Shimano Factory Catches Fire

SAKAI-CITY, Osaka Prefecture, Japan — According to reports from Yahoo Japan, the Nippon News Network, and NHK television, a Shimano fishing products and bicycle parts factory is on fire. 

The fire was reported to local authorities at 1:45 p.m. JT (Japan Time). Approximately 200 workers evacuated the factory, and there are no reported injuries. The fire has not spread to any surrounding buildings or facilities. Twenty fire engines responded to the call and were unable to suppress the flames as of 7:00 p.m. JT.

Shimano is the largest manufacturer of bicycle parts in the world and a leading manufacturer of fishing and rowing products.

Some “rust-preventative equipment” may have burned in the blaze, including a tank of sulfuric acid which may be involved in the plating and gilding of parts.

Shimano sources reportedly say the materials involved the blaze are common to several Shimano manufacturing facilities, and the fire should not adversely impact production. “We anticipate the fire to have minimal impact on business in the U.S.,” says Shimano American Corporation Product Planning and Reel Manager Trey Epich.