Serving Angling with a Technical Team Mentality, Wired2fish’s Strategic Growth Benefits the Industry

“The dude knows how to break down tackle,” stated Jason Sealock, COO of Wired2fish, when referring to new hire Sam Hanggi, “and that’s an absolute necessity if you want to work at Wired2fish.”

Breaking down tackle and bringing the latest in tips and tools for angling is the focal point at Wired2fish, and only fishing creds get in the door. Because of this, Wired2fish has established a reputation for providing outstanding content related to the angling community. Their exceptional team of writers and videographers has enabled them to produce unique video content and articles that resonate with their target audience. This informative content results in a platform that attracts advertisers and keeps bringing them back so that the team at Wired2fish can tell their product stories.

Wired2fish has been growing and experiencing many internal changes over the last year. Expanding with a core of young talented media professionals who also happen to be outstanding anglers complements their current team of industry veterans and accomplished anglers that made Wired2fish what it is today. The veteran core of the company consists of Jason Sealock, Ryan DeChaine, Terry Brown, and Kyle Peterson. Wired2fish has added younger anglers from collegiate fishing ranks, like intern Nick Dumke, Kobe Koenig, and Sam Hanggi, to complement this dedicated team.

Ryan DeChaine, Vice President of Video and Production of Wired2fish, told us, “I served a decade in the military leading soldiers in functional areas of expertise — professionals that get results when the stakes are high. We take the same hiring approach at Wired2fish, with broad-based fishing knowledge as our core functional area.”

“We hire fishing experts, then teach the production,” Ryan continued. “Teaching on-the-job production expertise is much easier than a lifetime of fishing knowledge accrual. The result? A team of passionate special forces content creators who are exceptional producers. We speak the same language as our hosts and add to the conversation. It’s a collaboration of fishing minds that generates content that helps viewers catch fish while selling products.

Jason Sealock, Publisher and COO, added, “We’ve long prided ourselves as experts on fishing tackle. We’ve reviewed thousands of products from hundreds of manufacturers on the water in dozens of states. I would say personally I have an intimate knowledge of more than 10,000 products. It’s why many fishing guides, professional anglers, tackle retailers, and even manufacturers call us to ask us what tackle is good, what is junk, and what they should be making or using. So, when we look to hire someone, they have to have an intimate knowledge of fishing gear and how to employ it in a variety of fishing applications. We’re not a clickbait farm. We are a group of avid, accomplished anglers who are also seasoned media professionals who genuinely want to help the angling community. A new hire has to fit with the existing team and add another dimension. We are moving in a million directions every day. You can’t slack off here because you make it harder on the next guy on the team. Everyone rolls up their sleeves and does the work here because the Wired2fish name means so much to all of us.”

Todd Hammill, CEO of Wired2fish, told us, “To make great content, you must have a certain level of expertise. Our aim has always been to serve the angling community with tips and techniques that they can use to become better fishermen and women.”

This technical skill and perfectionist attitude has allowed Wired2fish to establish itself as a reputable source of fishing knowledge and techniques. And it has allowed the organization to gain and grow some of the biggest brands in fishing as partners not only in the ad space but also in the content production space. They’re an excellent demonstration of how to build a team that exceeds customers’ expectations and needs.