Seaguar Unveils Pounce Fluorocarbon

Pounce Fluorocarbon is a bass-specific leader material designed to go where bass hide.

Louisville, KY – A good portion of bass fishing is fishing heavy cover; it’s part of the game and can be the best way to catch the biggest fish in the area. Fishing around these obstacles requires a specific approach to present your lure in cover and the right tools to wrestle a bass free from its hiding spot and into your grip. As bass fishing has become more technical, rods and reels have helped make this easier and the line you use is just as crucial to landing more of those bass. Seaguar has developed a bass-specific leader material called Pounce, precisely for the needs of bass anglers who prefer braid to fluorocarbon and fish in open water and around heavy cover.

Seaguar Pounce is a new, specialty fluorocarbon leader that’s virtually invisible underwater. It was designed for bass anglers everywhere and checks all the right boxes for bass fishing. It’s highly abrasion resistant so it can hold up in any cover from rocks, grass, docks, standing timber, and many manmade objects in some fisheries. Plus, it offers excellent knot strength and incredible impact strength to withstand bone-jarring strikes from big bass and strong hooksets from bass anglers.

“Pounce Bass Leader follows the same successful developmental approach we followed with our other Specialty Leaders like Inshore and STS,” said Gerry Benedicto, General Manager of Seaguar. “We look at the fishery, the techniques and angler needs so we can create a product with the right attributes for bass fishing,” he added. “Because cover is the name of the game for bass fishing, we knew toughness and strength were key. We think Pounce Bass Leader will help anglers land more of what bites.”

Made entirely from Seaguar resins, Pounce delivers unmatched abrasion resistance with maximum impact and knot strength. Because Pounce is a 100% fluorocarbon leader, it is nearly invisible to fish beneath the surface, ensuring a stealthy approach for wary, skittish, or heavily pressured fish in clear water. Moreover, Pounce sinks faster through the water column than monofilament, delivering baits into the strike zone more rapidly than other leader material.

And with a MSRP starting at $7.49 for 25 yards, Pounce offers an unbeatable value for anglers that want to experience Seaguar performance – for less.

“We think Pounce can be the real workhorse leader material for bass anglers anywhere,” said Benedicto. “It’s designed to be somewhat “bullet-proof” and it’s in the sizes that bass anglers use the most. Plus it pairs perfectly with our braided lines to give everyone full confidence in their line setup.”

Seaguar is the originator of fluorocarbon fishing lines and leader material, with over 50 years of experience designing and manufacturing 100% fluorocarbon lines. Pounce Bass Leader is the latest great product to bear the Seaguar name. With Pounce, you’ll experience legendary Seaguar performance at a great price.

Seaguar Pounce will be available in retail stores in January 2025 in 6, 8, 10, 12, and 15-lb tests on 25 yard leader spools. Pounce is the perfect complement to all of Seaguar’s premium braids, including Smackdown, PEX8 Lure Edition, and TactX. Seaguar… Always the Best!

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