Salmo Introduces FREEDIVER Deep Running Crank

Salmo lures of Poland is excited to announce the launch of the FREEDIVER, a new generation of super deep diving minnow lures for 2016, built to exceed all angler expectations for performance, durability and fishability. Only with the use of 3-D modeling and printing technology was the design of the FREEDIVER even possible. Though technology and the craftsmanship of master lure designer Peter Piskorski, hundreds of variations of prototypes were evaluated and eliminated until the requirements were met from fisherman all over the world.

Designed to meet the needs of walleye and striper anglers, the testing clearly shows the lure’s action does trigger more strikes! The FREEDIVER will reach an amazing 40 feet when trolling 200 feet behind the boat. At 12 CM in body length, (5 inches) and weighs just 5/8 ounce. The FREEDIVER is the ONLY mega diver with long cast weight transfer technology to permit easy casting. This adds a whole new option for anglers who prefer to cast. 

Designed strong enough for saltwater species with a tear strength of 30 kg. (60pounds) the FREEDIVER alerts fish with two rattle chambers and UV paint finishes in nine color patterns for 2016. For lure action, sound and color patterns, the FREEDIVER is second to none. Combine this with guaranteed performance right out of the box with no tuning required, since every lure is tank tested by skilled European craftsman to meet Salmo’s high performance standards. The FREEDIVER is one of the only lures in the world with a durable ABS plastic body and nearly indestructible polycarbonate lip, Mustad KVD Triple Grip hooks, oval split-rings, and 3-D eyes, it is clear Salmo has given birth to a class of lures with amazingly high standards.    

The FREEDIVER should be ready for anglers in early 2016 with a suggested retail price of $12.00. To learn more be sure to check out