River2Sea Releases Eight New Products at ICAST 2013

Richmond, CA – River2Sea has long held a history of being aggressive at introducing new products to the industry at the annual ICAST Show, and 2014 is no different. The Richmond, Calif. based manufacturer of premium lures is poised to introduce eight new products at the industry show in Las Vegas next week.

Among those will be additions to the signature lines of Ish Monroe, Scott Martin, John Murray and Larry Dahlberg as well as a new signature introduction of bass fishing legend Tommy Biffle, a contest winning design and a new size to one of our best products. The signature products to be released are:

Tommy Biffle’s Junkyard Jig – a jig made for the way this Flippin’ legend operates, custom, short shank wide gap hook create and extremely compact jig with punch. Extra loud rattles on a custom Biffle designed head and hand tied skirts highlight this package.

Ish Monroe’s New Jack Flippin’ Hook – This extra strong straight shank Flippin’ hook has a unique second eye / keeper barb that makes holding plastics easy, but also gives the angler a choice of tying a Snell Knot or most of the popular knots used by anglers today.

John Murray’s Papa Mur Football Jig – A structure fishing king, Murray knows that a great jig starts with the right hook, and he designed this jig with a reverse gap round bend hook to maximize hook gap and fish holding power. An elongated Football head means less opening of the fish’s mouth, and hand tied skirts make this a premium structure jig named after one of the best structure anglers in the business.

Scott Martin’s Goon Mid Depth Crankbait – This is the enforcer that a tournament angler needs to make sure the job gets done. A solid 12 to 16 foot diver, this moderate wobble crankbait has a weight transfer system to make long casts, and a cupped diving lip that give it unique action.

Larry Dahlbergs’s Mr. Whiggley – This is part swimbait, part soft jerkbait. But, at 10 1/2-inches, this bait is designed to attract and handle the biggest, meanest game fish. PErhaps one of the most versatile lures around, the list of things Mr. Whiggley can do is best put in a quote by Dahlberg himself, “Here’s what you can do with Mr. Whiggley when you take him for a swim: Twitch, Stroke, Walk, Dead-stick, Glide, Rip, Slash or Burn, all on one cast.”

GPop – This winning entry to Larry Dahlberg’s 2012 Great Lure Build Off was submitted by Jason Misner. A soft plastic baby bluegill with a popping mouth allows the angler to use an extra wide gap style worm hook and mimic the action of a baby bluegill struggling on the surface in weeds, reeds and around wood. An innovative bait that you must see.

SWaver 200 – A new, larger size of our original SWaver, the 200 is the answer for trophy bass anglers, muskie, pike and striper anglers, as well as some inshore enthusiasts as well. The SWaver 200 has the same S Action motion of the original SWaver in a bigger package.

Spittin’ Wa – The loudmouth cousin to our original Bully Wa hollow bodied frog. Spittin’ Wa is a unique popping frog that feaures a clear cupped mouth with bubble jets for creating a bubble trail, a soft, sealed body and great action. Spittin Wa is a frog that knows how to speak its mind.


Look for all of these new products from River2Sea to be unveiled at ICAST July 10 – 12 at the Las Vegas Convention Center. To find out more, visit River2Sea in booth 236 at the show.