RIGRAP Unveils New Talking PDQ for 2014

Jupiter Florida — RIGRAP’s full line of tangle free fishing rig storage solutions continues to skyrocket in popularity with both retailers and consumers, and while adhering to this young companies innovative philosophy’s, its merchandising efforts are no exception.

To enhance RIGRAP’s retail partner’s sales efforts, RIGRAP has announced a new PDQ for 2014. The new PDQ will come pre-packed with 16 each of RIGRAP’s most popular SKUs with matching MSRPs ; the new RIGRAP LURELOCKER; the Yellow 8512 4 pack and the Orange 8524 2 pack and jam packed with great merchandising features and flexibility.

The new RIGRAP multilingual (English, Spanish, French and Portuguese) PDQ and packaging is designed for use throughout North, Central, and South America as well as various parts of Europe. The new offering has an information/display header already in place and includes hanging clips for those electing to use it as a sidekick and also includes a floor stand for optional easy aisle or checkout area placement.

Standing 44″ tall (54″ with the floor stand) only 14″ wide and 4.5″ deep, RIGRAP has added to its appeal by including a clip strip for alterative product placement. Topping it all off, RIGRAP has added a motion sensor audio module option that will play a 15 to 30 second promotional loop attracting further attention of customers passing by.

“We remain as committed to being proactive with our merchandising and promotional efforts as we are to our product innovations. Providing our distribution and retail partners unique, cost effective, high margin and attention grabbing merchandising tools and support remains a top priority for us as a company. Our new pre-packed PDQ and all it offers is just one of many ways we are reinforcing our commitment to our partners and brand” Stated RIGRAP’s Glen Oberacker.

Preordering for early 2014 delivery gets underway this month through many of RIGRAP’s sales and distribution partners. For more information about RIGRAP’s full line of tangle free rig storage solutions, look them up online at www.rigraponline.com or by calling 561.200.5958.