Redfin Polarized x Coosa Cotton

Get ready to elevate your eyewear game and make a statement with the Redfin Polarized x Coosa Cotton collaboration.

Redfin Polarized is thrilled to announce an exciting partnership that will redefine your style under the sun. Redfin Polarized, the leading name in premium eyewear, is teaming up with Coosa Cotton, to bring you an exclusive custom-branded pair of sunglasses like never before. Redfin recognizes Coosa Cotton as the ultimate collaboration partner to deliver our cutting edge lenses to the bass fishing community. 

Coosa Cotton is a family-owned clothing brand, created with bass anglers in mind, whether they’re out on the water or off . Our mission is to express our deep passion for sport fishing through our one-of-a-kind designs. We are committed to inspiring and paying tribute to our fellow anglers and the beloved sport of bass fishing.

What’s in Store for You? 

Stylish Custom-Branded Sunglasses: Our collaboration promises an exquisite pair of sunglasses that seamlessly blend Redfin Polarized’s cutting-edge technology with Coosa Cotton’s unique style. These sunglasses will not only make you look great but also feel great about your fashion choices.

2022 RVR Cam™️ Microfiber: As an added bonus, every pair of Redfin Polarized x Coosa Cotton sunglasses comes with the exclusive Coosa Cotton RVR Cam™️ Microfiber, the perfect accessory to keep your lenses crystal clear and smudge-free. It’s not just about looking good; it’s about seeing clearly too!

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