Record-Breaking Coho Salmon Landed On Yakima Bait Mag Lip Lure

Yakima Bait is proud to have played a role in this remarkable achievement.

Yakima Bait, a leading manufacturer of fishing lures and tackle, is thrilled to join the celebration of an extraordinary fishing achievement by Matt Hosking, who recently caught an 11-plus pound coho salmon in the Clearwater River near Lewiston, Idaho. The Idaho Department of Fish and Game (IDFG) declared this remarkable catch a new state record for the coho salmon species.

Hosking wrote, “All of my years fishing, I get to finally get my name in the state record books. Caught a coho salmon today weighing 11.775lbs and 32 3/4” long.” Hosking described the moment of his big catch, saying, “We were pulling Mag Lip through a big hole near the paper mill. When the rod buried, I thought I had a steelhead on the line, but the fish never jumped like steelhead normally do.”

Following the successful catch, Hosking measured the salmon and realized its potential. Joe DuPont, Clearwater Region Fishery Manager, commented on the significance of Hosking’s record-breaking coho, stating, “There are bigger Coho out there, but not many. Based on the 2,400 Coho we have trapped at Lower Granite Dam this year, only 2 would surpass the size of this fish.”

Yakima Bait is proud to have played a role in this remarkable achievement, and commend Matt Hosking for his dedication and skill in making this record-breaking catch. His success showcases the effectiveness of their Mag Lips lures and highlights the exciting opportunities that anglers can experience using Yakima Bait products.


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