This Rain Suit from Frogg Toggs is Heavy on Features but Light on Price

32.3 seconds. That’s how long it takes to hop into this rain suit. 32.3 seconds to get warm and dry. 32.3 seconds to keep fishing.

It’s a message any fisherman on the water can appreciate, and a message anyone selling gear to anglers should remember. You’d be hard pressed to find an angler who could swap lures that quickly, yet the benefits of having a dry, quality rain suit on board could outweigh the benefits of a bait change on even the stingiest of fishing days.

That’s common knowledge to most anglers: if you stay comfortable while you fish—no matter the conditions—you’re more likely to keep fishing. And when you keep fishing, you’re more likely to catch fish. After all, it’s hard to catch a fish without a hook in the water.

It’s also common knowledge to most anglers that a serious, quality rain suit will cost you big bucks. Until now.

It’s easy to find all-weather jacket and bib combos in the $1,000 range. But the Frogg Toggs Pilot Guide series has changed all of that. Now, for around $250, any angler can be ready for whatever the rain may bring—and they can do it without breaking the bank.

For tackle store owners, that opens up an entirely different section of customers to the benefits of rain gear. Yes, we know you can find inexpensive rubber ponchos and pants on the bargain racks, but we’re not talking about that. We’re talking about the real deal: comfortable rain gear that feels like it should cost as much as a used 4×4 on Craigslist.

We’re talking about the Frogg Toggs Pilot Guide series. So what’s the Pilot Guide series all about? Let 2013 and 2014 FLW Angler of the Year Andy Morgan break it down for you:

Did you get all of that? If not, here’s what you missed.

The Pilot Guide series is a feature-packed rain suit. The jacket and bibs are lightweight and strong. Made from Frogg Toggs’, three-ply material called Dri-Pore, this fabric feels right. Morgan says the suit is breathable, and he’s right. It’s the kind of rain suit you throw on in the morning and forget about—the kind that has plenty of big pockets for hand warmers up top or bags of soft plastics down low.

Waterproof storage for a cell phone and keys is built-in to the chest pockets on the Pilot Guide jacket. The hood, an annoyance on many jackets, tucks into the wind- and water-proof collar when you don’t need to protect your head from the elements. Unless you tell somebody it’s there, they’d never know it, and anglers won’t find this hood parachuting behind them on the next big run.

So what’s the verdict? Frogg Toggs is onto something. The Pilot Guide series has no real competition at its price point. Yes, there are cheaper rain suits; but they don’t have the comfort or the features of the Pilot Guide. Yes, there are more expensive rain suits; but for the money—around $250 for everything—the Frogg Toggs Pilot Guide series is hard to beat.