Power-Pole Introduces Heavy Duty Spikes

TAMPA, Fla.,  JL Marine Systems, Inc., the leading manufacturer in shallow water anchor technology and the Power-Pole® shallow water anchor, is pleased to introduce the all-new Power-Pole® Ultra-lite Spike and Power-Pole® Heavy-duty Spike. Regardless of your fishing style, these new spikes deliver a strong and secure hold for kayaks and paddleboards to bay boats and pontoon boats

Each spike can be used manually or with the Micro Spike Driver Unit, which allows you to drive the spike into the shallow water bottom quickly and quietly at the push of a button.

“The Ultra-lite and Heavy-duty spikes both harness the stopping power of Power-Pole technology, yet at an affordable price,” said Robert Shamblin, vice president of JL Marine Systems, Inc. “Now, regardless of what type of shallow water fishing you like or what type of boat you have, we have the perfect anchor to fit your needs”

Strong yet lightweight, the Power-Pole Ultra-lite Spike is 3/4 inches in diameter and is made of a composite material featuring HollowCore™ technology – developed by JL Marine Systems to reduce the weight without compromising strength. This spike won’t weigh down your smaller vessels and can secure most canoes, kayaks, paddleboards and boats up to 1500 lbs. It is available in 8 ft. at $99.95 and 6 ft. at $79.95.

But if you are looking for a spike that packs a bigger punch, look no further than the new Power-Pole Heavy-duty Spike, available at $89.95. This spike only comes in 8.5 ft. length and is made of super strong solid composite material. This spike delivers a powerful hold for flats boats, bay boats, bass boats, aluminum boats and pontoon boats.

The Heavy-duty Spike and Ultra-lite Spike both include a 6 ft. lanyard with loop at each end made of 3/8 inch braided dock line, a push-grip comfort handle and a 1/4-20 threaded insert for adding accessories like flags, lights or cameras.

Dealers and retailers across the country are also participating in a special rebate program – customers who purchase the Ultra-lite or Heavy-duty Power-Pole Spike will receive a $100 rebate when they also purchase a Power-Pole Micro Spike Driver Unit ($599.95).

“We are extremely proud of the premier design for each of these spikes and their capabilities to be used with and without the Micro Spike Driver Unit,” added Shamblin. “With this rebate, you are essentially getting a free spike with the purchase of a driver unit. So we encourage our customers to take advantage of this incredible deal.”

To purchase a Power-Pole Ultra-lite Spike, Power-Pole Heavy-duty Spike and Micro Driver Unit, visit the Power-Pole dealer portal to find a retailer near you.