Plano’s Triple Play For Plastic Storage

Grand Prairie, TX — Soft plastics have been a fixture in the arsenal of bass anglers since the introduction of the plastic worm. Both saltwater and walleye fanatics are discovering they can catch plenty of fish by going meatless. The universal question with all of these groups of anglers is, “How do you store soft plastics?” Plano has come up with a three-pronged solution.

Plano created a specialized version of their classic Stowaway storage box called the Soft Plastic Stowaway™ designed to accommodate bags of soft plastics, so they’re highly visible, separated, organized and easily accessible. The dual-sided 3700 model can hold 16 to 20 bags of plastics. The boxes also have a space for terminal tackle. The 3600 model has 1 deep divider per side, each capable of holding up to four bags for a total of 8. The Soft Plastic Stowaway™ boxes fit perfectly in a stock tackle bag for easy transport.
Keeping soft plastics separated has it advantages. Plastics stored in their original packages remain supple, retain their color and don’t pick up unnatural smells that might repel fish. If you’re a walleye devotee, you can keep twisters, tubes and swimbaits in the same box and at the ready. A diehard bass fisher that has a sweet spot for Senkos can have one Soft Plastics Stowaway™ box devoted strictly to the do-nothing-worms in different colors and sizes. You can have them labeled, organized and all stored in a Guide Series bag you can grab when you’re headed out the door.
The KVD Speed Bag is for the serious angler who has more bags of plastics than he probably should, if there is such a thing. The patented, easy access KVD Speed Bag incorporates a quick fold seam across the front and back and stands up to reveal a wide interior and the contents. The KVD Speed Bag comes in two versions- a large bag that has a Velcro divider and is capable of holding up to 40 bags and a smaller version capable of storing 20 bags of your favorite soft plastics and is also slightly taller to fit soft plastics in clamshell packaging . A TPE coating surrounds the bag with water-resistant protection, and the bright red interior makes it easy to find a specific bag in low light. A side carry handle allows for easy transport, and the bag stows quickly and easily in just about any nook or cranny.
Plano’s spacious EDGE™ Plastics Box is the solution to bulk soft plastic storage and unwieldy clamshell packaging. The EDGE™ Plastics tackle box offers long-term storage solutions in a watertight enclosure for bags of soft plastics and hard-to-manage tackle. With no industry standard for the expanding soft plastics swimbait market using clamshell packing, the EDGE™ Plastics tackle box equates to problem solved.
The EDGE™ Plastics tackle box utilizes the 3700 platform for easy access and dual, oversized WaterWick™ dividers to keep the spacious interior moisture-free. The dividers are removable and adjustable for storing larger items such as tools and knives. Rustrictor™ technology delivers 360 degrees of rust-preventative protection. The Dri-Loc® O-ring seal maintains waterproof integrity when closed. The cavernous interior of the EDGE™ Plastics box is capable of stockpiling up to 60 bags of traditional soft plastics and 15 clamshell-type packages. The EDGE™Plastics box is roomy enough to hold today’s tray pack soft plastic swimbaits without damaging or affecting their shape. The DuraView™ crystal-clear polycarbonate lid allows you to see what’s inside, and an EZ Label™ system permits quick identification of the contents. The one-handed latch design makes opening and closing simple and side-mounted handles improve mobility even when the box is full. The stackable, ribbed lids and bases and stainless steel pin hinges assure you of years of trouble-free service.