Plano Talks A-Series Quick Top 3600 and 3700 Tackle Bags

Plano, IL — Keeping tackle and lures organized and easy to find lets anglers spend more time fishing and less time searching. That means organized anglers almost always catch more fish than do the disorganized ones.

Every item of fishing tackle needs a place and Plano has been constantly redefining the standard for providing quality tackle solutions and gear since 1952. In 2019, Plano continues the tradition of being on the cutting edge of storage innovations with the new A-series 2.0 Quick Top 3600 and 3700 Tackle Bags.
The term “tackle bag” just begins to describe the features of the A-Series 2.0 Quick Top Tackle Bags. They actually combine the convenience and protection of a hard tackle box with the comfort and versatility of a rugged, yet soft exterior.
The 2.0 Quick Top Tackle Bags feature molded, hard-top lids with dual, water-resistant compartments that are ideal for phones, sunglasses and other frequently used items. The whole hard top unzips at its base and flips open for easy access to the four included Stowaways boxes inside the cavernous, soft-sided compartment. The bottoms of the 2.0 Quick Top Tackle Bags are molded, impact-resistant high-density polyethylene, which help keep water from intruding from a wet boat floor. The molded bottoms also retain the shape of the soft compartments easily removing and replacing the Stowaway® boxes.
The 2.0 Quick Top 3600 comes with four 3650 Stowaway® boxes; the 2.0 Quick Top 3700 has four 3750 Stowaway® boxes. Both of these Stowaway® models can be configured with the dividers to carry everything from tiny hooks and split shot to large spinnerbaits and crankbaits.
Five exterior pockets adorn the 2.0 Quick Top Tackle Bags. The biggest features MOLLE webbing, which stands for Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment. In non-tactical terms, these are super-durable loops perfect for carrying needle-nose pliers, forceps, scissors, hook sharpener files and other oft-used articles. MOLLE webbing also allows for anglers to add accessory pouches to store additional gear.
Both bags feature a removable, padded shoulder strap to make toting them easy and comfortable. New 1.5-inch heavy-duty molded shoulder strap hardware make the straps simple to adjust. The removable strap is padded, which makes it comfortable to transport this bag to and from the boat or riverbank. Both bags feature oversized, molded zippers on all pockets and the main compartment are built to last and reliably easy to use.
Product Features:
A-Series 2.0 Quick Top 3600 Tackle Bag, Model No. PLABA600
MSRP $79.99.
A-Series 2.0 Quick Top 3700 Tackle Bag. Model No. PLABA700
MSRP $99.99
            *          Molded hard-top with water-resistant quick-access compartments
            *          Molded impact-resistant HDPE waterproof base
            *          Oversized molded zippers for durability & easier use
            *          Large exterior mesh pocket with MOLLE webbing
            *          Removable padded shoulder strap
            *          Five exterior pockets
            *          PLABA600 Includes four, 3650 Stowaway® boxes
            *          PLABA700 Includes four, 3750 Stowaway® boxes
The A-Series 2.0 Quick Top 3600 and 3700 Tackle Bags offers the comfort of a soft tackle carrier with he convenience and durability of a hard top with compartments for easy access to phones and frequently used tackle.
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