Pitman Creek Wins PRADCO Distributor of the Year Award

ORLANDO – Pitman Creek has been named 2015 Distributor of the Year for PRADCO-Fishing and was given the award at the 2015 ICAST Show at the Orange County Convention Center on Wednesday, July 15.

The two companies have worked together for more than 30 years, and Pitman Creek’s importance continues to grow for PRADCO. The award was given to Pitman Creek due to continued sales increases in recent years and a commitment by its staff to PRADCO’s portfolio.

“We both share a strong commitment to distributing our products and brands to independent retailers,” said Bruce Stanton, Vice President and General Manager for PRADCO-Fishing. “Pitman Creek has been one of our top customers for the past decade, and they continue to perform with our brands and products. We recently reached an agreement for Pitman to carry all 4,000 of our fishing and saltwater products. It’s quite a statement for them to make to us, but they have been committed to us for the long haul.”

Pitman Creek owner and President James Coffey said the support to PRADCO comes naturally.

“Many of our independent retailers want to support the heritage brands like Heddon, Cotton Cordell, Rebel and Arbogast,” he said. “They want the old baits because they still work, and we want to provide that service. We also want to showcase the newer brands like Yum and Booyah that fishermen are demanding.”

Pitman Creek is located in Hustonville, Kentucky. PRADCO-Fishing is located in Fort Smith, Arkansas, and has a stable of brands that includes Rebel, Arbogast, Bandit, Bomber, Booyah, Cotton Cordell, Creek Chub, Heddon, Lindy, Smithwick, Thill and Yum.

Pictured in cover photo: Back row: Robert Schoenvogel (PRADCO Outdoor Brands President), Robert Hendrickson (Pitman Creek), Jim Bowman (Pitman Creek), John Carmack (Pitman Creek); Front row: John Johnson (Pitman Creek), Bruce Stanton (PRADCO-Fishing VP and GM), James Coffey (Pitman Creek owner and President), Melanie Brummett (Pitman Creek).