Bryan Thrift

P-Line Adds Serious Talent

What do Bryan Thrift and Hank Cherry have in common? Besides the fact that both anglers reside in the Tar Heel state, they have also joined the P-Line Prostaff! Each has spooled P-Line on their reels for years, but in 2014 they will officially wear the P-Line logo on their jerseys and use P-Line braid, copolymer, and fluorocarbon exclusively for all of their fishing applications.

Bryan Thrift

Bryan is currently the number one ranked angler in the world by It’s impossible to look at an FLW leader board and not see the North Carolina resident somewhere in the top 10. “When you’re fishing against the top 300 anglers in the world and receiving a check in virtually every tournament, that says something about your skill set as an angler” stated P-Line President Stefano Pucci. Also included on Thrift’s resume is the 2010 FLW Angler of the Year Title. Bryan will focus his efforts on the FLW Tour for the 2014 season.

“I have been a professional bass fisherman for 7 years, and P-Line has been there for every one of them. It doesn’t matter whether I’m skipping a jig under metal boat docks or flipping into the nastiest brushpiles on the lake, I know P-Line is not going to fail me. I make my living on the water where every ounce counts, and my line has to hold up under any circumstance. I know when the money is on the line P-Line will put them in the boat.”

Hank Cherry

Hank spent 2013 making his rookie debut in the BASS Elite Series. A solid season landed Hank the coveted Rookie of Year Title, while also finishing 14th in the AOY standings and qualifying for the Bassmaster Classic. Hank received a spot in the 2013 Bassmaster Classic by winning a Southern Open on Smith Lake. With an impressive rip-bait pattern established, Hank was within an arms distance of winning the Classic when a 7 pounder shook the hook next to the boat. Hank went on to finish in third place, but knows he had the pattern and the fish needed to beat the top anglers in world.

There is such a wealth of on the water knowledge with Bryan and Hank, which P-Line will use to create technique specific YouTube video clips, Facebook updates, and continue to innovate an already impressive group of fishing lines.