Oozzie-Jig is changing the game. For the first time ever, presentation and attraction come together in a striking combination. The Oozzie-Jig is unique in that it is designed with an internal wick that can be filled with attractant or removed to be loaded with your custom chum. Oozzie-Jig attracts all species of fish. The angler’s ability to inject chum or attractant directly into the lure produces astonishing results. Combining scent and attractant at all depths of the water column causes a commotion that attracts bait fish and game fish alike, with spectacular proven success. On the coast, bay, river, lake, pond and stream the Oozzie-Jig is fast becoming the “must fish” lure in every serious angler’s arsenal. This new and exciting concept of luring fish is increasing hook-sets with great satisfaction.

Oozzie-Jig is manufactured from high-quality stainless steel and is made in the USA. The weighted lures range from 3/8 oz. to 16 oz. and are available in a variety of color combinations. Rigging and application options are limitless. The forward weighted stainless steel blank increases casting efficiency. Oozzie-Jig action, retrieval and appeal are unique. Vertical jigging presentation is unlike all other lures on the market today. The stainless steel blank weight located in the base of the lure allows the Oozzie-Jig to virtually “dance” and is irresistible in all fishing applications.

Oozzie-Jig lures are in stock and available for immediate shipping. Get yours today.

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