Online Sales Dominate Holidays

With holiday sales slumping for most retailers across the board, online merchants will be reporting their best holiday to date. Online sales as of December 23 are reported to have increased sixteen percent over last year’s sales. Considering how sluggish many retailers are reporting for their traditional in-store sales, online appears to be the big winner.

There are a few factors as to why more consumers shopped online this year than in years past. Most online sites ran deals that traditional brick and mortar stores could not match. Online stores usually have a lower overhead than traditional stores do; they also are able to avoid local sales taxes. On big-ticket items, such as a quality fishing reel, electronics for your boat or apparel, the sales tax alone could be the deciding factor on which item you buy and from where. If you include the option of free shipping versus having to go out and fight holiday crowds, online shopping keeps getting more attractive.

Our elected officials are supposed to vote on a measure that would require all online retailers to charge the appropriate taxes. Once this happens, it should level the playing field for all retailers; until then though, you need to offer something online retailers cannot.

Many readers of Fishing Tackle Retailer have been in business for years. What are you doing or planning on doing to compete with online retailers? Are you taking your business online as well? Please be sure to share with us your plans for combating this growing trend in the industry on our Facebook page.