Odd’ball FinSpin Jig, an Exciting New, High Performance Spinner Jig

Bait Rigs® Tackle Co. of Madison WI. , proudly introduces the exciting new Odd’ball FinSpin, a high performance spinner jig, designed for live bait and plastics.

The Odd’ball FinSpin adds another strike triggering dimension to the popular Odd’ball jig. Not just another spinner jig, the Odd’ball FinSpin offers more features; including a unique flash and vibration pattern that results from the Odd’ball’s inherent teeter-totter action. The Odd’ball FinSpin design produces a freer running spinner and eliminates blade fouling, a common problem associated with common spinner jigs. The Odd’ball FinSpin’s design and standup profile, allows for more clearance between the bait and the spinner, resulting in superior hook sets.

The Odd’ball FinSpin can be fished with live bait or plastics and is the ideal trigger jig for either open water or ice fishing presentations. Odd’ball FinSpins’ can be rigged weedless or with an open hook and work great with dead rigged minnows. All Odd’ball FinSpins’ feature a custom designed 1/0, wide-gap, Mustad performance hook and an oversized paint free eyelet, for easy termination and stinger hook attachment.

The Odd’ball FinSpin is available in 1/4oz & 3/8oz sizes and (5) colors including, Chartreuse (glow), Pink (glow), Orange (glow), White Pearl and Blood Red. Glow-in-the-dark jigs, glow in “color” and last for periods up to 3 hours on a charge.

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