Next-Generation Shimano Rods and Reels Connect Anglers with Success

Shimano leverages over a century of manufacturing excellence to provide anglers with exceptional tackle to capture extraordinary fish. Ever in pursuit of perfection, Shimano has reimagined and redesigned three proven product lines – Expride, Bantam and Sahara – to craft next-generation offerings that set new standards for on-the-water performance.

Shimano Expride B Rods are Synonymous with Excellence

Shimano Expride B Spinning Rod

Command tournament-winning performance with the next generation of Shimano Expride casting and spinning rods with the redesigned Expride B series. Extending a legacy of exceptional performance, all Shimano Expride B rods incorporate Hi-Power X blank technology to deliver the optimum blend of performance and durability. A Shimano-exclusive manufacturing innovation, Hi-Power X allows rod engineers to craft models with finely-tuned lengths, powers and actions that address specific presentations, such as power cranking (EXC610MGB), supersized swimbaits (EXC80XXHB) or even broad-spectrum versatility (EXS72MHB). An expanded library of 22 different Expride B models is now available, each precision-crafted to fight and land trophy-caliber fish under the most challenging conditions. Shimano engineers further enhanced the Expride B series by incorporating premium Carbon Monocoque handles. These innovative, lightweight hollow carbon handles increase vibration transfer through the rod and into an angler’s hand, delivering up to 30% more sensitivity for superior bite transmission. The new Expride B series also features CI4+ reel seats and Fuji SiC guides for premium angling performance in an exceptionally light and well-balanced rod family. The Shimano Expride B lineup of 16 casting rods and 6 spinning rods has MSRPs of $389.99 to $419.99.

Shimano Bantam A is the Ultimate All-Terrain Baitcasting Reel

Shimano Bantam A Reel

Power, precision and performance characterize the attitude behind the next generation of Shimano Bantam reels. For the first time in a low-profile baitcaster, redesigned Bantam A reels feature Shimano’s exclusive Infinity Drive technology, delivering unsurpassed reeling force to dominate the power game. With Bantam in hand, bass specialists can now attack thick vegetation, flip supersized jigs, burn one-ounce spinnerbaits or scour the depths with large crankbaits without resistance, hesitation or limitation. Engineered from a one-piece aluminum Core Solid body, the redesigned Bantam delivers a solid feel, confidence for hard hooksets and the cranking power required to extract trophy-caliber fish from the thickest cover. Bantam A reels also feature Shimano’s MGL III Spool, leveraging decreased start-up inertia for longer casts and expanded versatility. The strong, light and durable Bantam family includes reels equipped for right- or left-hand retrieve, each with three different gear ratios to support a broad spectrum of bass-triggering presentations. Each Shimano Bantam A reel has an MSRP of $349.99.

Shimano Sahara FJ Blends Performance with Value

Shimano Sahara FJ Reel

The storied history of the Shimano Sahara continues in 2022 with the introduction of the Sahara FJ series of spinning reels. Designed for entry-level and experienced anglers alike, the Sahara series incorporates Shimano’s HAGANE Gear for increased durability with the refinement of SilentDrive technology for smoother reeling performance. X-Ship technology within the Sahara series provides added gear durability during fights with hard-charging game fish. Compared to the previous generation, the new Saraha FJ is lighter in weight and boasts an entirely new body and rotor design for enhanced in-hand appeal. The Sahara FJ features a screw-in handle and an anti-reverse switch, providing anglers with dependable performance while pursuing their next trophy catch. The redesigned Shimano Sahara family includes six reels in sizes 500 to C5000 with MSRPs of $84.99 to $99.99.

About Shimano

Leading the fishing industry in innovation and quality for 100 years, Shimano’s manufacturing capabilities allow for anglers worldwide to enjoy their time on the water to the fullest. We designed the entire lineup of Shimano products to elevate angler experiences with features that continuously evolve to push the boundaries of modern fishing tackle while raising the bar for the whole fishing industry.