Next-Gen Mojo Musky TRIGON

St. Croix to reveal next-generation Mojo Musky TRIGON with GRASP II at ICAST 2024.

PARK FALLS, WIS. – Incorporating enhanced versions of a pair of award-winning technologies that radically improve angler comfort and control, the next generation of the world’s top-selling family of premium musky rods is set to be unveiled by St. Croix Rod next month at ICAST 2024.

“Mojo Musky is a wildly popular and revered rod series among musky anglers for more than a few reasons,” says St. Croix Brand Manager, Ryan Teach. “It’s a complete series that supports any musky presentation or technique, it combines lightweight sensitivity with extreme durability, and – like other Mojo series – it represents one of the best performance-to-value propositions available in the market.”

So, how does a company go about improving a rod series that’s already so successful? To start, by not changing anything that anglers already love. For 2025, Teach says enhancements to the New Mojo Musky TRIGON Series grew directly from angler input. “One of the incredible benefits of our location in Park Falls, Wisconsin is our proximity to the critical mass of the world’s most experienced and knowledgeable musky anglers,” Teach says. “We’ve hosted these anglers at roundtables, spent time with them on the water, and continually solicited their input and ideas – from ideation, throughout product development, and on-the-water testing.

“As a result, we’ve reshuffled the deck with Mojo Musky’s lengths, powers, and actions, ultimately retaining ten existing models and adding seven all-new models to better support today’s techniques and presentations,” continues Teach. “No longer exclusively a fast-action series, we’ve added a slightly softer medium-fast Twitch-Stick model optimized for better performance with mid-to-large-size crankbaits. We’ve also added more telescopic choices that make longer rods easier to store and transport. And we’ve developed models with two different handle configurations – traditional split-grips, as well as a selection of all-new modified full-grip models.”

Regardless of the particular handle configuration, however, one change to all Mojo Musky models for 2025 cannot be missed or ignored. “TRIGON has come to Mojo Musky,” Teach announces. “Proven to improve angler comfort and control in our recent Mojo Bass and PHYSYX launches, the anthropometric TRIGON handle on new Mojo Musky amplifies these angler benefits due to the increased physical demands of musky fishing. Aside from the benefits of increased control and casting accuracy, angler fatigue – an ever-present concern and challenge in musky fishing – is eased by the TRIGON handle design. Our unique TRIGON handle recognizes that the human hand does not form a circle when closed, so we’re no longer limiting our handle designs to cylindrical forms,” says Teach. “TRIGON features a curved, triangular profile with a rounded inner apex and a flattened top curve to better fit the human hand. The results are a more comfortable grip so anglers can fish longer while exercising increased control to maximize power and accuracy.”

Additional ergonomic upgrades on next-generation Mojo Musky TRIGON rods include an adaptation of St. Croix’s GRASP technology, first introduced on the Legend Tournament Musky Series and select Legend Tournament Bass Series models in 2023. “We call it GRASP II,” says Teach, “and it puts anglers squarely in the driver’s seat when it comes to making decisions about how they want to fish and adjusting their rods accordingly.” GRASP technology provides an upsized palming-seat design that helps anglers keep their wrist in consistent alignment with the rod for less fatigue and reduced opportunity for injury when casting and retrieving large, heavy lures. “New GRASP II technology gives anglers three different options in every Mojo Musky rod,” Teach says. “An interchangeable trigger system on the reel seat allows anglers to quickly and securely switch between a full-sized GRASP handle, a smaller standard trigger, or no trigger at all with a flat which covers the attachment area. The GRASP II system requires no tools, and a premium accessory pouch containing all GRASP II attachments is included with each rod. Ultimately, the addition of the TRIGON handle and GRASP II system to these new Mojo Musky rods gives musky anglers all-new levels of comfort, control, and adaptability.”

Beyond these significant enhancements, new Mojo Musky rods for 2025 feature updated look via a darkened, matte version of the familiar Mojo-purple color.

Mojo Musky blanks retain their acclaimed, premium SCIII carbon fiber construction, strengthened by Fortified Resin System (FRS) technology, and smooth and strong actions courtesy of IPC mandrel technology. Blanks are mated to proven, black stainless-steel guide frames with trouble-free stainless-steel rings.

St. Croix Mojo Musky TRIGON Series Features

  • 17 casting models, designed and precision crafted for excellence in any musky-fishing technique
  • Advanced, high-modulus SCIII carbon fiber blanks with Fortified Resin System (FRS) technology for an optimal combination of lightweight sensitivity and exceptional durability
  • Integrated Poly Curve® (IPC®) mandrel technology
  • Ultra-durable stainless-steel guides and rings
  • Anthropometrics-driven St. Croix TRIGON handles for dramatically increased comfort and control. Nine modified full-grip models feature extremely durable agglomerated cork upper grips and premium EVA rear grips, while eight split-grip models utilize all agglomerated cork with premium EVA accents.
  • Ergonomic St. Croix Dynamix reel seat with nylon and stainless-steel locking nut
  • All models feature the versatile NEW St. Croix GRASP II handle – allowing interchangeable trigger options to match fishing conditions and angler preference.
  • 5-year transferable warranty backed by St. Croix Superstar Service
  • Designed in Park Falls, Wisconsin, U.S.A. and handcrafted in North America (Fresnillo, Mexico)
  • Retail price $280 to $370

St. Croix Mojo Musky TRIGON Series Casting Models

  • JOMFG76HF – 7’6”, full-grip, heavy power, fast action casting / Retail $285
  • JOMFG80HF – 8’0”, full-grip, heavy power, fast action casting / Retail $290
  • JOMFG86HF – 8’6”, full-grip, heavy power, fast action casting / Retail $300
  • JOMFG86HFT – 8’6”, full-grip, heavy power, fast action, telescopic (90”) casting / Retail $370
  • JOMFG86XHF – 8’6”, full-grip, extra-heavy power, fast action casting / Retail $305
  • JOMFG90HF – 9’0”, full-grip, heavy power, fast action casting / Retail $305
  • JOMFG90HFT – 9’0”, full-grip, heavy power, fast action, telescopic (94”) casting / Retail $370
  • JOMFG90XHF – 9’0”, full-grip, extra-heavy power, fast action casting / Retail $320
  • JOMFG96HFT – 9’6”, full-grip, heavy power, fast action, telescopic (94”) casting / Retail $380
  • JOMSG710MF – 7’10”, split-grip, medium power, fast action casting / Retail $280
  • JOMSG80MHF – 8’0”, split-grip, medium-heavy power, fast action casting / Retail $295
  • JOMSG83HMF – 8’3”, split-grip, heavy power, moderate-fast action casting / Retail $295
  • JOMSG86MHF – 8’6””, split-grip, medium-heavy power, fast action casting / Retail $295
  • JOMSG86HF – 8’6””, split-grip, heavy power, fast action casting / Retail $295
  • JOMSG90MHF – 9’0””, split-grip, medium-heavy power, fast action casting / Retail $310
  • JOMSG90MHFT – 9’0””, split-grip, medium-heavy power, fast action, telescopic (94”) casting / Retail $350
  • JOMSG96MHFT – 9’6””, split-grip, medium-heavy power, fast action, telescopic (94”) casting / Retail $360

Next-generation Mojo Musky TRIGON rods are conceived for musky anglers who want to fish longer, smarter, and more effectively in any presentation with pioneering ergonomics and personalized adaptability; diversified lengths, powers, and actions; and proven, angler-preferred blank construction. Adding purposeful innovation to one of the most-capable musky platforms ever built, new Mojo Musky TRIGON rods will be available for purchase at St. Croix dealers worldwide and online at beginning December 1, 2024.

See them in the St. Croix booth #2223 at ICAST 2024.

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