New Year’s Resolutions

If you’re like most Americans, by now you’ve already broken at least one if not all of your New Year’s resolutions. It’s OK, how many have you really kept in the past? This year though, why not set some new resolutions for your business and see how profitable they can and will be. Here are some great resolutions to make for your business that should pay off.

Get More Tech Savvy
Technology is everywhere and most small businesses do not take full advantage of all of the technology they have paid for. How many of the tools that came on your computer, mobile tablet or your smart phone do you use? Typically these devices come loaded with extras, as does most of the software you have purchased. Are you using it all to its fullest extent? If not, make this the year that you add more tech savvy to your business and save some time in the process.

Get More Customer Friendly
How many of you get to truly interact with your customers on a daily basis? Do yourself and your business a favor and interact with five new customers a week. Get to know them, how they like to fish and find out how you can help them become better anglers and better customers of your business. The few minutes you take to learn about them can pay off as they come back to shop at your store because they know you. You are after all your business, so let them get to know the man, woman or family behind your store.

Revamp Your Social Strategy
Yes social media will continue to grow this year, and your strategy needs to grow with it. No time like the present to revamp your social media strategy and set a new goal to work towards. When you do this, pencil in a date in the second, third and fourth quarter this year to reexamine what you are doing and to make adjustments as needed.

Audit Your Security
With the recent headlines of some major retailers having their sites and customers’ information hacked into, there is no time like the present to do a security check. This too should be something you do periodically throughout the year. Hackers find new sites to access daily and your site shouldn’t be one of them. If you are hacked, the quicker you realize it and update your security the better.

Reconnect with Your Staff
No matter if you have two or one hundred and two, your employees are people too and they need to feel a connection to their boss. While yearly reviews tend to take place at the beginning of the new year, take time to reconnect with each employee. Find out more about them, their lives and what they feel could be done to improve your business. What skills do they posses that you didn’t know about that you could tap into and help grow your business?

Realize Your Strengths
Every business has strengths and weaknesses. While many spend hours working on fixing their weaknesses, many do not accomplish this goal. Instead of worrying about where you’re weak, focus your efforts on where you are strongest and let others know about them. If you have the largest lure selection in the state, brag about it. If you have a talented staff that specializes in reel repair or fly tying, let your customers know about that. The key is to focus on the positives and not your faults. The more you can spread the word the better you will be.

Remember Why
Everyone enters into business for different reasons. Some because the business has been handed down through generations, others because of their love for fishing, others because it just felt right. Remember why you went into the fishing tackle industry and write it down. There will be many times throughout the year when you need a pick-me-up and this memory could be the ticket.

What resolutions have you made for the New Year? How many personal ones have you already broken or forgotten about? Try these seven easy-to-do resolutions this year and see the difference they can and will make in your bottom line. If you have other resolutions you would like to share with us please do. You can share them on our Facebook page or in our LinkedIn group.