New Smithwick Elite Jerkbait

Fort Smith, Arkansas – Smithwick, the company that brought jerkbaits to the mainstream with the classic Rattlin’ Rogue, introduces the new Suspending Elite 8 Rogue, a 4 ½-inch jerkbait that dives quicker and runs deeper than other jerkbaits of similar size. The Elite 8 follows all of the fish-catching rules that the original Rogue created, but the dive is steeper and deeper — 8-feet deep on 10-lb line. The Elite 8 darts erratically when twitched while showing off the “Rogue Roll” that produces baitfish flashes (and strikes).

For sound, the Elite 8 features a single, big tungsten rattle for a unique “knock” that anglers are looking for in an effective jerkbait. Color patterns include both translucent versions for clear water and classic Smithwick chrome, gold and Clown pattern versions for colored water and for a variety of light conditions. The release of the Elite 8 comes on the heels of Smithwick’s introduction of the Perfect 10 Rogue, which features a lot of the same characteristics that made the Rogue famous, but quickly dives to 10 feet.

The new Smithwick Elite 8 comes in a dozen color patterns for both clear and murky water, and features top-quality hooks and hardware. For more information, go to