Slender Spoon

New Pro Series Slender Spoons Offers ‘Fish Fry Insurance’

Coralville, IA – Ask any diehard ice angler about go-to “limit baits” and chances are the venerable Custom Jigs & Spins Slender Spoon will appear near the top of their list.

Known for its erratic, slow horizontal flutter on the fall, over the past decade-plus the Slender Spoon has become a mainstay for targeting everything from perch, walleyes and trout to crappies and big bluegills. The Slender Spoon’s unique baitfish-mimicking wobble, flicker and flutter are especially effective on highly-pressured and neutral- to negative-feeding fish.

Custom Jigs & Spins pro Walt Matan says, “The erratic behavior of the spoon can quickly turn negative-feeders into positive-feeders. The bait flutters down, comes to a stop and in a nanosecond fish will suck it in.”

Now, NEW for 2014, Custom Jigs & Spins has made the champion spoon even better. Called the Pro Series Slender Spoon, the new lineup responds to years of requests from anglers for specific color patterns.

“The Slender Spoon’s only shortcoming has been a lack of color options,” says Custom Jigs & Spins president and veteran ice angler Bob Gillispie. “But we wanted to take our time and find the absolute best paint guy on American soil; not just go the China route like so many others. We also researched exactly the right finishes for a wide variety of waters across the Ice Belt by talking with serious ice anglers from east to west.”

Slender Spoon

The result? Sixteen new forage-matching finishes with a gold or nickel base. “The Pro Series Slender Spoon line is divided into offerings that suit everything from stained to gin-clear waters,” says Matan. “The Pro Series models with the gold base are dirty water performers, while the nickel base spoons are perfect for waters where water clarity is better.”

But sensational names like “Electric Perch,” “Sunrise Craw,” and “Pink Tiger” don’t even begin to do the finishes justice. They have that kind of cool auto pinstripe look that’d get a nod from the most critical of graffiti artists.

And Gillispie didn’t end his tweaks at the paint booth, either. Instead, he instituted a hook upgrade, offering a bait that not only attracts fish, but is further maximized for easier, flesh-penetrating hooksets.

“We tested countless treble hooks until we discovered the VMC Spark Point, which is just wickedly sharp,” says Gillispie.

Matan adds, “They stick in your fingers, your pants, all over the place. They’re like fish fry insurance.”

The New Pro Series Slender Spoon is currently available in the wildly popular 1/8 ounce and slightly larger ¼ ounce size.