New Mann’s Spinnerbait Grabs Best-in-Class Award Overseas

Eufaula, AL,– At the recent EFTTEX show in Warsaw, Poland, Mann’s Bait Company’s new spinnerbait, The Crystal Classic, nailed the top award for Best Metal Lure at the highly attended European trade show. In development for over 3-years, The Crystal Classic displays one of the most unique features present on any spinnerbait manufactured today, an actual multi-faceted glass crystal contained in a clear blade.

Keying in on a predatory fishes reaction to light dispersion in the water column and the effect of flash on enticing a strike, Mann’s has developed the lure to refract available white light and turn it into a full color spectrum. This allows the fish to view the lure from greater distances and through varying water conditions. But the blade isn’t the only thing flashy about this lure… It comes equipped with a new R-bend .031” stainless steel Super-wire arm that vibrates like titanium, and Mann’s original “Classic” shaped head design with UV enhancers. This lure also features a new, state of the art SilaflashTM foil skirt that produces a brilliant shine of its own.

The business end is a super sharp Eagle Claw Trokar hook for added hook setting ability, and a quality Sampo® swivel, making this the most visually appealing spinnerbait on the market today. Simply put no other lurematches the visual features of The Crystal Classic. Available in 1⁄2 oz size and 3 colors White, Chartreuse, and White/Chartreuse.