Big Bug

New for Gene Larew Lures

Tommy Biffle Big Bug
Gene Larew Lures introduces a larger version of its highly popular Biffle Bug series, appropriately calling the newest member the “Big Bug.” The Big Bug measures 5-inches in overall length and at just under 1-inch at its greatest body width. The increase is approximately 15 percent larger than the traditional 4.25” Biffle Bug, but pro angler Tommy Biffle says it’s important to note that the size bump was not proportionate throughout the bait.

“To maintain the great swimming action of the Bug’s legs, keep the cupped tail flexible and not mess up the great hook-setting efficiency of the hollow body by not making these parts too thick, we made adjustments to critical areas to assure the best all-around performance,” Biffle said. “The end result is a bigger Bug that still offers great versatility for bottom buggin’ on a HardHead or pitching into cover. The Big Bug definitely has its place among any tournament angler’s arsenal.”

The Big Bug comes in all of the most popular Biffle Bug colors, including Sooner Run, Mossy Pumpkin, Green Pumpkin and Watermelon Pepper. The Big Bugs are packaged six baits per re-sealable bag. A bag retails for around $6.49 each.

Larew has also added a bigger HardHead to its lineup of the unique weight and hook combination, a 1-ounce size fitted with a 6/0 Owner hook. The new head will work well with both the Big Bug and regular-sized Biffle Bug.

Big Bug

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Biffle Bug Juice
New for Gene Larew Lures for 2014 is Biffle Bug Juice, an amino acid-based crawfish gel with garlic. The gel is ideal for injecting into the many hollow-bodied baits that make up the Tommy Biffle series made by the company, including his popular Biffle Bug.

Biffle has long been a proponent of scenting his soft plastics with garlic, and finds the Biffle Bug Juice combination of garlic with crawfish oils and other natural ingredients to be a perfect match for use with his favorite styles of creature baits.

“Hollow bodied soft plastics provide a great receptacle for scents, holding the additives longer and releasing more scent each time the lure comes in contact with obstacles,” Biffle explained. “Plus, a gel formulation isn’t as messy to deal with as sprays and dips, and this product’s consistency has adherence properties that allows application to exterior surfaces of other lures as well. This scent combination simply enhances what we’re already doing in imitating crawfish, a favorite food item of bass.”

Biffle Bug Juice

Biffle Bug Juice is sold in a 1.25-ounce squeeze bottle. A bottle retails for around $7.99.

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