NEW FishSeeUV SpikeADelic from Panther Martin

Port Jefferson, NY: With no signs of slowing down after 66 years, Panther Martin™ continues to come up with innovative and exciting lures proven to catch fish. 2024 will have 74 new Panther Martin™ lures for anglers to choose from, including the alluring FishSeeUV™ SpikeADelic™ soft bodied series.

Glowing new lures that will bewitch fish are coming your way in 2024. The new FishSeeUV™ SpikeADelics™ will send fish into a tizzy. Fresh new ultra violet colors and patterns that are beautiful to the human eye are eye-popping and radiantly enticing to a fish’s eye. SpikeADelics™ not only tout funky colors like Tangerine Surprise, Wonder Bread, and Hulk, they have a soft body, large salmon egg bead, a tear drop body painted to match the convex/concave blade, and a weedless hook.

The colorful soft bodies provide a natural appearance that dance through the water playing with the light like a fish’s natural food source. Once a large bass, pike, or trout bites onto the body, the sharp weedless hook embedded in the body will snag your catch. Also grabbing attention is the large, glowing salmon egg at the base of the tear drop body. The tear drop body and signature Panther Martin™ convex/concave blade are painted to match the colors of the soft tail – all painted with ultra violet paint.

The weed guard on the super sharp hook keeps the hook from snagging and the lure moving making SpikeADelics™ perfect for bass, northern pike, and trout that love to hide in thick vegetation. They’re also great for red-fish, sea trout, snook, and other saltwater species that might be lurking in reeds and algae.

Available in six delectable colors and four popular colors. Choose from Fire Tiger, Sparkling Bubble Gum, Glow Rainbow, Tangerine Surprise, Wonder Bread, and Hulk in sizes 4, 6, 9, and 15.

Visit Panther Martin in booth 2802 at ICAST 2023. For dealer info, contact