Spike-It™ introduces two new, ultra-concentrated Dip-N-Glo™ scents that are sure to give you the upper hand on landing the big one, NEW! CRAWLIC and STINKUM! Spike-It™ Dip-N-Glo™ Plastic Worm dyes are specially designed for coloring plastics such as worms, grubs, and skirts to produce immediate permanent color changes. Our scented varieties deeply penetrate the lure to produce a long-lasting scent. Dip-N-Glo™ Scented Worm Dye was introduced 20 years ago and still remains the top dye attractant in the fishing industry. Spike-It™ covered the basics with Garlic, Gamefish, Crawfish, Garlic-Salt, and Shrimp scents but now we are taking it to the next level!

Spike-It’s Garlic just got twisted! Dip-N-Glo™ CRAWLIC is our popular Garlic scent infused with crawfish. This powerful scent duo is sure to entice even the most stubborn fish out of the weeds! STINKUM is an all natural fish scent made with real baitfish. Yes, real baitfish! You make your lure swim like a real baitfish, now make it smell like one!

Dip-N-Glo™ CRAWLIC and STINKUM are available in a dye and marker in the following colors: Chartreuse, Fluorescent Orange, Hot Pink, Blue, Black, Lime, Green Pumpkin, Junebug, Grape, Watermelon, Fire Red, Pumpkinseed and Clear. Acclaimed by major fishing magazines and many pro anglers, including endorsements by Shaw Grigsby, Jimmy Houston and Roland Martin, Dip-N-Glo™ Scented Dyes are a mainstay for every serious angler’s tackle box.

For more information and to see a product demo, please visit Spike-It’s booth #2060 at the 2013 ICAST Show.

Spike-It Outdoors, Inc.
Brooklet, GA