Neons: The Green Nightcrawlers

Jumbo is pleased to introduce for the 2013 season fluorescent green Nightcrawlers called Neons! We pack 12 bright green live worms in our sturdy and durable square foam box. Neons provide unmatched visibility and action irresistible to all fish. Colored from the INSIDE with a nontoxic fluorescent green dye, Neons are just like regular Canadian Nightcrawlers, but with a color that really stands out.

The unique color of Neons is derived from a proprietary formula that is mixed into the bedding in each box. The worms ingest the bedding and the color effect takes place from the inside out. The worms are not otherwise affected by the colorant, but fish sure are. The bright green hue is highly visible to fish and makes the bait stand out even in murky or muddy water. Completely nontoxic, Neons are a safe and incredibly effective live bait for fishing.

Barcoded for easy pricing, each box of Neons features a color label with eye-catching graphics, consistent with other products in the Jumbo line. Case quantities are also consistent with other Jumbo products, with sixty (60) box cases available along with split cases of Jumbo Canadian Nightcrawlers and Jumbo Red Trout Worms. Care is identical to the other Jumbo products, with refrigeration required for maximum shelf life. Point of sale materials are available, with full color pricing sheets to drive consumer interest.

Jumbo Neons make an excellent addition to your live bait line and will spur additional sales with their incomparable presentation. Test marketing has shown that Jumbo Neons often outsell uncolored worms by a 2 to 1 margin, so be prepared for success!

Give Jumbo Neons a try. It’s a high margin impulse product with guaranteed repeat sales.