National Pros Join Spearpoint Performance Hooks Team

Visalia, Calif. – One of the benchmarks of a growing company is the anglers that want to promote the brand.  As the reputation of Spearpoint Performance Hooks has become known as a product line that puts more fish in the boat, anglers have joined the team to help the brand and themselves.

The most recent additions to the Spearpoint Performance Hooks team are Major League Fishing Tackle Warehouse Pro Circuit pro anglers Brandon McMillan of Clewiston, Fla. and Billy Hines of Vacaville, Calif., as well as National Professional Fishing League pro and former Elite Series pro Quentin Cappo of Prairieville, La.

The trio bring significant professional fishing experience and list of achievements to the team.  Together, they have competed in more than 200 professional events, racking up two wins, 24 top 10 finishes and nearly $850,000 in combined career earnings.  More importantly, they bring a wealth of work ethic and knowledge that will help Spearpoint Performance Hooks on several levels.

Erik Hennesay, president of Spearpoint Performance Hooks said he is excited about the contributions each angler will make.  “Not only will these anglers give us an expanded reach on their respective circuits, but they have the reputation for energy levels and effort that will help us promote the product line to anglers everywhere,” said Hennesay.  “They each have their own fishing styles that will aid in product input and testing, and they will be competing on some of the most respected and watched tournament trails in the game, giving us the opportunity for seeing our products help them raise trophies.”

The trio each have their own stories as to how Spearpoint Hooks have helped them in fishing situations before joining the team.  Whether it is McMillan punching heavy matted grass on his home body of water, Lake Okeechobee, or Hines experience improved hook to land ratios on Northern smallmouth and Western spotted bass, or Cappo dragging fish from the heavy cover of Louisiana Cypress groves; they wanted to share the quality of the product.

To Hennesay, having anglers approach himself or his partner, Vice President Art Nubaryan about representing the brand, is something he never considered.  “We could never have imagined anglers of this caliber from these national stages wanting to promote Spearpoint when we started,” said Hennessay.  “To have them wearing our logo and using our hooks when the fish that helps them feed their families is literally on the line, is something we couldn’t have dreamed of.

“We are proud to be a part of their seasons, and even prouder to have them want to work with us and promote Spearpoint Performance Hooks.”

For more information about Spearpoint Performance Hooks, visit them on their website at and for dealer inquiries, contact Art Nubaryan at