More Than A Landing Net

Caldwell, ID – EGO’s S2 Slider™ offers a great solution for netting all fish species—and multi-duty use as a deck/boat brush, mop, lure retriever, dock grabber, and more…

The market is flooded with landing nets, most of them cookie-cutter designs that function only as fish-dippers. And many leave a lot to be desired, what with snag-prone netting and materials that can be hard on fish intended for release.

Enter EGO®’s S2 Slider™, a modular fishing net system not only designed for netting fish, but a multitude of other tasks. The EGO S2 Slider Product System utilizes the most advanced handle extension technology on the planet.

EGO offers 30-plus interchangeable net heads, accessories, and handles; 19 combined hoop sizes and mesh types to choose from; and lastly, a two-year limited warranty on all EGO landing nets and accessories.

Looking back a few years, hardcore anglers and fishing media were so impressed with the EGO S2 Slider system that the product won ICAST’s “Best Fishing Accessory”.

“The EGO S2 Slider net system is the most versatile and easy-to-use extendable net on the market,” says veteran tournament angler and Florida/North Dakota fishing guide, Johnnie Candle.

“The extendable handle/slider system is incredibly simple and doesn’t require a lot of strength for women or young or older anglers,” continues Candle. “And I can’t tell you how having EGO’s extra, extendable handle reach to net fish saves a lot of big fish from getting off. No angler should fish without one.”

“As far as the accessories are concerned, I use the deck brush and deluxe mop attachments to clean my saltwater boat at the end of each guiding day. I don’t have to carry two handles. I just carry a net and a brush. The brush sits in the compartment until I need it, and then I just unscrew the net hoop off and attach the brush. Makes life simple.”

“When I’m guiding on Devils Lake, North Dakota, in the spring through fall, we fish around a lot of trees and brush—often with crankbaits that tend to get hung up on the wood. When I have multiple lines out with clients, losing crankbaits can hit the pocketbook quick. The EGO Lure Retriever makes retrieving Flicker Shads, Shad Raps, and expensive custom crankbaits back easy,” says Candle. “I lose a lot less tackle with the Lure Retriever.”

Candle concludes: “At the end of the day, the EGO S2 Slider net system isn’t limitless, but it’s close. It’s a great system and a well-designed net that anglers will get a lot of use out of,” concludes Candle.

About the EGO S2 Slider “System”

The EGO S2 Slider net is built around a “universal system” that features an extendable net handle for reaching boat-shy trophies—and offers a twist-on & -off system that allows interchanging net frames and net sizes/materials to match exactly what you’re fishing and where.

The options are practically limitless. EGO Fishing offers the perfect net to exactly suit the species and waters you fish. With three EGO S2 Slider Handle Sizes to choose from, you can find the perfect net for your big boat, small boat, kayak/canoe, pier or bank fishing, or wade fishing.

The EGO S2 Slider extending net handle comes in the three sizes: COMPACT, 18” – 36” handle extension; STANDARD, 29” – 60” handle extension; and for those far-reaching applications, the REACH handle, which extends from 48” to a lengthy 108”.

As far as net material construction, anglers can choose within the S2 Slider system between the following: standard Nylon, Rubber-Coated Nylon, PVC-Coated Nylon, Lightweight Rubber, Lightweight Clear Rubber, and PVC-Coated Netting with built-in fish-measuring ruler.

Net hoop sizes run the gamut—from small 14” x 16” netting; medium 17” x 19”; large 19” x 21”; 22” x 23”; to the extra-large 24” x 27”.

Beyond Netting Fish: Endless Accessories

As mentioned, the EGO S2 Slider net family is a “system” that allows use on and off the water. For example, each S2 Slider handle accepts this 8-inch EGO Deck Brush that makes cleaning up a boat at the end of the day a breeze. Same goes for the interchangeable EGO Deck Mop and Deluxe Deck Mop.

Beyond clean-up, EGO designers were smart to offer a couple other accessories worth a look at.

The first is the EGO Lure Retriever, something we could all use in the boat, especially when a custom jerkbait can run $30 these days—not to mention the rarity of some of the out-of-production “oldie but goodie” baits we throw when fishing gets tough!

And for docking or managing lines, rails, and stanchions, the EGO Boat Hook is designed to make easy work of busy work

Rubber Netting Handle-Extending Landing Systems

Mesh Zip On/Off Netting, Handle-Extending Landing Systems

PVC-Coated Netting, Handle-Extending Landing Systems

Nylon & Rubber-Coated Nylon Netting, Handle-Extending Landing Systems


Fourteen years ago, EGO Fishing set out on a simple mission – to develop a better fishing landing net solution that addressed the many functional and performance problems that existed with the traditional products. What started out as a small landing net company has now grown into the innovation leader in the fishing net and accessories category of the sport fishing industry. EGO products are sold at most major sporting goods retail chains and are carried by a large network of distributors and independent dealers in the United States. Distribution has also grown internationally to include countries such as Canada, Russia, South Africa, South Korea and Japan.