Mercury Diesel TDI Engines Power Boater to Bermuda Challenge Record

FOND DU LAC, Wis. (August 7, 2012) – Twin Mercury Diesel TDI engines helped Chris Fertig capture the Bermuda Challenge powerboat endurance world record on Aug. 5.

Fertig, a Virginia Beach native, completed the approximate 760-mile run from New York to Bermuda in 21 hours and 39 minutes, beating a decade-old record by 44 minutes.

Fertig’s 37-foot Statement Marine boat was powered by twin 4.2L 350hp turbocharged Mercury Diesel TDI engines.

“We’re honored Chris chose Mercury Diesel TDI engines for this record-breaking run,” said Martin Bass, vice president of category management at Mercury Marine. “Events like the Bermuda Challenge showcase what our engines are capable of, the perfect mix of performance, efficiency and reliability.”

The Bermuda Challenge, established in 1996 by Boating magazine, is an endurance race that starts at the Statue of Liberty in New York harbor and concludes at the sea buoy in St. Georges, Bermuda.

The race was established to promote newer technology and the advances boat and engine companies have made to make long-distance runs in smaller boats possible. Fertig’s boat included several modern technologies, including the Mercury Axius propulsion system – the world’s first fully intuitive piloting system for powerboats with features that include joystick control, auto heading, auto pilot and electronic anchoring – and the Mercury Connected Vessel satellite tracking technology that is included with the Mercury Theft Deterrent Premium Package.

Fertig attempted to break the record last summer, but was forced to turn back due to inclement weather.

The previous record of 22 hours, 23 minutes was set in 2002 by Neil Burnie in a catamaran.