Megabass® FX-Crank Knuckle Jr.

Since its 2012 debut, the KNUCKLE 60 has shown off its extreme performance, and has q uickly become a s tandard lure among top tournament pros. Not only does its two-position lip allow for quick depth adjustments to keep opportunities from slipping by, it also emits strong, consistent waves with its straight, stable swimming style. Many crank baits are designed around wobbling as their main function, but the KNUCKLE uses a flat side design to increase its rolling perform ance as well. It’s designed to make use of its rock-solid straight swimming to spread high pitch flashing over a wider area and catch the eye o f as many neutral bass as possible. This appr oach proves very effectiv e against the challenging mid-range “satellite bass” who closely circle structures.

This new, downsized model also incorporates the “FX System,” which allows for t wo depth ranges; the surface and buzzing crank Ft.1 mode, and the Ft.3 mode for shallow cranking. The Ft.3 mode displays excellent range-keeping ability when used in shallows with a depth of 1m or less, increasing the window for attack.

Designed with a round body to promote a precise rolling action and high buoyancy. The back half of the bait is narrow and creates an intense kicking action despite the smaller size of the bait.

Even though it is a smaller bait, it weighs 3/8oz to allow anglers to cast with the same F4 action rod used for a regular size crankbait.

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