Meet the Z-Man® Mulletron™

Ladson, SC – Wherever inshore gamefish hound live mullet—perhaps the most significant saltwater preyfish in North America—anglers immediately ready themselves for an exhilarating day on the water. A leaping, porpoising, surface-milling mullet often signals exciting times to come: that a supertanker snook, cobia, redfish, tarpon or seatrout could be in hot pursuit. Enlivening pulses like we’re the ones in a death-chase, one cast with Z-Man’s new Mulletron™ swimbait connects you, straight-up, with the power and majesty of an angry aquatic predator.

“We created the Z-Man Mulletron to draw primal responses from fish working those key ambush points,” notes Jose Chavez, Z-Man Director of Product Development and a seasonal saltwater angler. “Put the bait in nervous water. Swim it right through your favorite fish-holding stations. It’ll happen.

Formed with a true-to-life ‘finger mullet’ profile, including authentic head and body shape, lifelike gill plate, eye and fin details, 3.3- and 4-inch Mulletron swimbaits are sized to replicate the most edible and ubiquitous inshore species in nature.

“The Mulletron is a perfect match for the new ZWG™ Swimbait Hook,” notes Z-Man pro Captain C.A. Richardson, referring to the new ElaZtech® friendly hook design. “It’s been awesome working this buoyant paddletail swimbait right across super skinny water and watching big snook explode all over it.”

Breathing life into the Mulletron’s swimming signals, a rounded, wedge-shaped tail activates at a wide range of speeds, including the often critical and seductive slow roll. Richardson describes the bait’s action as a sort of hypnotic pulse, also capable of hitting the afterburners when an especially hot fish joins the hunt.

“Finger mullet are known for tickling their bellies as they shuttle across shallow flats,” Richardson observes. “Can’t think of too many spectacles more exciting that watching a monster snook or a big redfish push a V-wake up toward a school of mullet and then turning toward your swimbait as you play a desperate game of keep away.

“Just this morning, the Mulletron got eaten by a legit 30-inch snook in this exact scenario.”

For Richardson, another perfect Mulletron pairing has been a Pro BulletZ™—an exclusive conical-headed, EWG style jighead ideal for grass and other snaggy cover. For open water retrieves, he also suggests a minimalist Trout Eye™ jighead, particularly with the smaller 3.3-inch Mulletron.

To aid easy weedless rigging with a ZWG hook, the Mulletron’s back and belly hook pockets ease the alignment process. The same built-in bait slots facilitate jighead positioning.

Molded from ElaZtech® superplastic, the Mulletron swimbait offers maxed out durability without surrendering an ounce of its specialized action. Meanwhile, to slow its rate of fall and allow it to go tail-up during a bottom-contacting pause, the Mulletron’s natural buoyancy assures the bait always looks alive. “Even with a 1/8-ounce ZWG hook or jighead,” notes Richardson, “you can slowly creep the bait just beneath the surface film, doing the whole mullet-thing, dorsal fin slightly exposed. Anytime I see this behavior on the flats, one cast is usually all it takes to get bit.”

Impersonating the most prolific inshore forage fish, the 10X Tough ElaZtech Mulletron swimbait gifts anglers with supreme durability and maximum buoyancy for a diversity of presentations, surface-to-substrate. Available in 3.3- and 4-inch ‘finger mullet’ sizes in the ten most popular inshore color schemes. Slated for October retail release – MSRP $4.99 per 4-pack (3.3″) and $4.99 per 3-pack. For more information, visit

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