Meet the new Berkley Shaky Snake

Berkley® continues to produce the best baits in an effort to propel its dedicated pro staff to victory. With lighter presentations becoming the norm, Berkley PowerBait® introduces something new to give anglers the advantage in finesse fishing: the Shaky Snake. 

The new Berkley PowerBait Shaky Snake is perfect for finicky fish that just won’t commit. This 5-inch dancing machine offers a beefed up head that tapers into an egg sack. Its corkscrew ribs add a fluid motion that coaxes even the laziest bass to eat.

The ribs on the Shaky Snake add more surface area, allowing more scent dispersion throughout the water column and with the exclusive PowerBait formula, fish hold on up to 18 times longer. The tail design brings this bait to life with its effortless motion from the lightest vibration of the rod tip.

Although small, this finesse-style bait is fierce when it comes to attracting big bass. Anglers can rig this on a 2/0 shaky head hook or use it as a drop shot bait. Either way, the Berkley PowerBait Shaky Snake is ready to dance its way through the water in search of giants.

The PowerBait Shaky Snake has 15 colors to choose from and an MSRP of $4.99 per package of 10.