McCoy Premium Fluorocarbon

Made in America for 78 Years! McCoy’s commitment to quality and performance is unmatched. A successful tradition and the latest manufacturing technology ensures the McCoy angler a consistent product throughout our range of premium line.

Introduced in 2009, our Fluoro100 quickly dominated the tournament circuits including wins at Lake Amistad(2009) and Clarks Hill Lake(2010) for McCoy Elite Series Pro Jason Williamson. Formulated to eliminate the drawbacks of traditional fluorocarbon line, McCoy’s Fluoro100 will outperform anything on the market.

Developed to improve upon conventional fluorocarbon line, our proprietary formula starts with the purest PVDF fluoro-polymer available that now delivers a smaller diameter, crystal clear line with minimal stretch. We next enhance the blend with our Advanced Polymer Coating for maximum abrasion resistance and then Level-Wind the spools eliminating line twist. Soft and supple, our NEW and IMPROVED Fluoro100 is now easier to handle and super smooth to cast.

  • Super Sensitive to feel very bite
  • Exceptional knot strength for hard hook sets
  • Virtually no spool memory
  • UV Resistant for greater durability
  • San Diego Jam Knot recommended

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