Marukyu acquires Rig Marole

CARMARTHENSHIRE, UK — Marukyu Europe Ltd. has purchased Rig Marole, a United Kingdom-based specialist in terminal tackle for carp fishermen.

Rig Marole products include a wide range of carp bait tools, hooks, rig components, and pre-tied rigs. Products include Freefall Micro Tail Rubbers, Fast Change Swivel Clips, Flexi Bore Rings and Cork Balls, along with Ready Tied Chod Rigs, which feature cork ball substitutes for “boilies.”

Immediate plans are for expanded distribution of Rig Marole products to anglers in Europe. But Marukyu Europe’s first acquisition has global implications for parent company Marukyu Co. Ltd., which established its European operation four years ago.

The acquisition expands opportunities not only to serve carp anglers in Marukyu’s primary existing markets in Japan and southeast Asia but also in the United States where Marukyu established a foothold in 2012.

Marukyu, based in Okegawa, Japan, is Japan’s largest marketer of hook and ground baits and a global leader in that category. Its products include gel products, pastes, ground baits, pellets, boilies and liquid attractants.

John Loftus, chairman and CEO of Marukyu’s European and African operations, announced that the company will retain the services of Nigel Harris, former owner of Rig Marole. In an early report, Loftus called Rig Marole “a firmly established brand with great potential.”

Rig Marole products will be available to North American dealers in February or early March of 2015 through Japan Import Tackle. Contact: Munenori Kajiwara. Email: ; Phone: 630-299-6508