Market Wrap: Tackle Vending Machine, RIPSAW, POINT BLANK, Toro Poppers

Prepare yourself for the semi-annual weirdness that is the FTR Market Wrap. This is the time and place where we scour the depths of fishing’s future innovations. They are the product debuts of today and (hopefully) the money makers of tomorrow. This week, we delve into a tackle vending machine that allows you to sell product 24 hours a day, a unique storage option for keeping rigs in order, and several new rods and lures. Welcome to the Thunderdome.

Luna Sea eliminates tangles with ‘Leader Mate’

If you fish, you’ve experienced tangles with your Freshwater/Saltwater leaders. With “LEADER-MATE” from Luna Sea (the company that made fishing more comfortable with the award-winning “Cush-It”) those messes are a thing of the past.

Just wrap your rigs — monofilament, fluorocarbon, even wire — around LEADER-MATE, then store your sinkers,divers/planners,hooks or other terminal tackle in LEADER-MATE’s innovative and patented pockets, and you’re ready to go.

LEADER-MATE grips securely onto any fishing rod and keeps your rigs neat and secure until you’re ready to fish. It’s that easy, that fast and that organized. With LEADER-MATE, you’re always ready to fish. No more tangles!

For more information on Luna Sea products, contact Mick Saunders at or call (269) 685-1761. View their full product line at

Tackle Vending Machine: takes live bait and terminal tackle sales to a new level.

A mainstay in the fishing industry, live bait and terminal tackle has always been a high margin item.

Exclusive distributor of the LBT 500 Live Bait Vending Machine, provides invaluable products and services that allow you to sell live bait and a wide array of outdoor gear and tackle items in almost any location 24 hour a day. Their machine is refrigerated, vandal resistant and built specifically to be placed in an outdoor environment. Increase revenue, cast a wider net and provide greater accessibility to your customers.

Their 3 year warranty is a true testament to the quality they build in to every machine. Check them out at or by phone at 815-334-8323.

New Rod Blank: Anglers Resource Introduces POINT BLANK

Anglers Resource®, the exclusive distributor of Fuji® Rod Components for over 30 years has announced the introduction of a new line-up of premium rod blanks available in 20 models that cover the bass fishing spectrum from light action drop-shot to magnum flippin’ blanks.

Anglers Resource Point Blank
Anglers Resource Point Blank

The product will be branded POINT BLANK™, and features the very latest in blank technology including a scrimless design, biased filament reinforcement, high pressure taping for better proprietary resin dispersion and a host of new features including a wider “focused pulse” butt design and newly developed progressive transitions between various fibers used in the construction of the blanks. All blanks use the best carbon fibers available from Japanese manufacturers Toray® and Mitsubishi®.

Custom builders asked to build prototypes for testing were able to build finished 7ft medium action rods complete with handles, reel seats and guides that weighed in well below 3 ounces, making the power to weight ratio on finished rods among the highest currently available. 

POINT BLANK™ will be available to custom builders as well as small OEM rod manufacturers, retail shop repair centers or those with rod building supplies. Volume pricing is available from Anglers Resource at 251-943-4491 or email for a catalog.

RIPSAW Returns

The RIPSAW brand name and superior catfish rod have been capturing the attention of fisherman across the Midwest for the past year. RIPSAW listened to the fisherman and executed a superior product for beginners to advanced fisherman. We used high quality components from the reel seat to the eyes and everything in between. This gives the fisherman the confidence they need when reeling in that monster fish.

The feedback in 2014 has proven it to be a huge success and RIPSAW is excited to announce the return of the casting rod and the addition of a spinning rod.

New Toro Tamer Poppers


Toro Tamer has introduced an exciting new series of surface poppers for 2015. The new lures are available in three sizes (200mm 150gm – 8” 5.3 oz, 160mm 90gm – 6” 3.2 oz and 120 mm 50 gm – 4.5” 1.5 oz). The two largest sized lures feature VMC single hooks, the smaller surface popper makes use of treble hooks.

Over the past few years more and more anglers are discovering that tossing surface poppers resulted greater success than fishing bait! Further, the larger grade yellowfin tuna were more prone to attack the poppers! The head shape has been refined from Toro’s previous generation lures, offering a rounder head which produces greater splash – this will prove very beneficial to those fishing from larger boats which may be higher to the water line than smaller craft. On a smaller boat the new poppers will have even more “pop.” The new head shape will produce great splash and get noticed. All lures are thru-wired, rigged with 200# split rings, sonically welded for durability and the patterns are stunning and effective. While anglers often fish poppers using spinning gear, the 200 size is easy to cast with conventional gear and even school size tuna will eat it with gusto. Great sizes for a wide range of application, excellent patterns and designs make these lures sure winners for 2015. The lures are available in five effective color patterns: skipjack, pink ghost, blue mackerel, ahi and sardine.

Ohero Trident Wide Gap Worm Hooks


Ohero’s new wide gap worm hook is specifically designed for use with braided lines. It offers a faster sink rate and durability for fishing heavy cover. Its ultra-shark needle point makes for a greater strike to hook up ratio. It is available in a pocket pack and a pro pack. Contact Lee Fisher, Intl. to get your hands on these bad boys: 800-356-5464 or


  • Forged high carbon steel construction
  • Chemically sharpened ultra-sharp point
  • Black chrome finish
  • Specifically designed for braided lines
  • Faster sink rate
  • Extra-wide gap which will increase your strike to hook up ratio
  • Made in Japan

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The Market Wrap will be creeping back into your brain cells throughout the year. You can check out previous Market Wraps, if you missed ’em, below.