Marine-Tuf Offers Corrosion Protection Products

Twenty-three states have coastlines. Over half the American population lives near the coasts. So what do the pier fishers from California have in common with the Maine lobstermen? Corrosion caused by salt. Whether its tackle or fishing gear and whether its in the water or just out in the air, metal will rust and corrode quickly if not treated.

Sentry Solutions combines state-of-the-art dry film technology with a lint-free fabric to make MARINE TUF-CLOTH a superior, long-lasting product for both corrosion protection and lubrication in extremely corrosive conditions. Sentry developed a formula of dry film corrosion inhibitors and lubricants which bond to metals. MARINE TUF-CLOTHs enhanced formula, requested by the Navy SEALs, is designed to provide exceptional corrosion protection in extreme conditions, such as jungle or rain forest use and saltwater applications, such as diving and fishing. This formula impregnates a very durable yet soft cloth for easy application. MARINE TUF-CLOTH should be used to protect all types of metals and finishes that are exposed to extreme conditions and saltwater. Safe to use on wood and most types of plastic, you can use it with confidence on all of your gear – from knives and firearms to fishing and diving gear, tools and even collectibles. MARINE TUF-CLOTH makes oil and silicone products obsolete.

Use MARINE TUF-CLOTH and TUF-GLIDE on all the moving parts of fishing reels (safe on plastics, wood and cork etc.). Simply wiping reel seats, rods and line guides with MARINE TUF-CLOTH gives them a dry bonded shield of long-lasting protection against rust and saltwater corrosion.

Fly fisherman? Fly fishing enthusiasts should use TUF-CLOTH to clean and lubricate their lines with a waterproof coating that enhances shootability. The cleaning action restores lines that have suffered from weathering effects. Stiff, lifeless lines regain their action and suppleness. Use TUF-CLOTH and TUF-GLIDE for cleaning and treating really dirty or old lines. Carefully apply a small amount of TUF-GLIDE directly to the line on the spool and play out the line into TUF-CLOTH, wiping as you go. TUF-CLOTH for fresh water. MARINE TUF-CLOTH for saltwater.

In your boat tool kit, make sure you have a MARINE TUF-CLOTH and MARINE TUF-GLIDE to wipe down visible metal hardware, those battery terminals and keep them corrosion free. The MARINE TUF-CLOTH and TUF-GLIDE leave behind a dry bonded shield of protection that won’t wash off and has the added benefit of being formulated with additional ingredients to enhance protection against highly corrosive saltwater and high humidity.

HI-SLIP GREASE comes in a very handy, easy syringe dispenser and will become your boat’s go-to grease for everything from lubing trailer wheel bearings, spark plugs, steering, prop shaft and all your trolling motor’s motor plugs and plug connectors. You might find it more convenient to have the 2-ounce jar of HI-SLIP GREASE in your tool kit locker and keep the 12cc syringe in your handy tackle box!

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