Mad Max Impresses Bass Anglers from Coast to Coast

The fall topwater bite is heating up, and bass anglers across the country are enjoying spectacular results with the new Mad Max popper from MONSTERBASS. With its squared-off front cup, precision-tapered body, hypnotic internal rattle, premium components and six compelling color patterns, Mad Max provides an immersive visual fishing experience that effortlessly translates subtle angler input into violent surface strikes. We asked anglers chasing both largemouth and smallmouth bass to give us their first impressions about Mad Max, and found that this dynamic topwater has dramatically enhanced their fishing success.

Florida bass expert Vance McCullough likes what he sees from Mad Max. “Due to its squared front cup, the Mad Max has a wide walking action – a distress signal that emboldens predators to charge from long distances in open water,” observes McCullough. “Additionally, because of the position of the line tie and Mad Max’s tail-down posture, the lure pulls a deep gurgling sound into the water when retrieved with a more deliberate popping cadence – perfectly replicating the sound of a feeding bluegill. World-class cosmetics convince fish to fully commit to the lure, giving anglers the confidence to work Mad Max at any speed.”


“Anglers can sometimes set the hook too quickly when surface fishing,” remarks McCullough, “but the BKK hooks that hang from Mad Max seem to reach out and grab fish by the jaw. I’ve been fishing it with monofilament and am really happy with the hookup ratios that Mad Max provides, even with those explosive topwater strikes that might send other lures sailing far away.”

Avid Texas angler and outdoor writer Shane Beliue affirms that Mad Max is the real deal. “Most poppers are lightweight and don’t cast very far, but Mad Max is weighted so you can cast it a long way and still work it effectively,” notes Beliue. “Back in the day, we used to customize our poppers to make them skip and spit across the surface, rather than plunge and chug. The Mad Max popper has all of those same features, right out of the package; it has a squared-off lower lip and perfectly-contoured face to give it that fleeing baitfish action.”

“Sound is just as important as action in these baits,” continues Beliue. “I want a popper to make a flicking, skipping sound that a fleeing baitfish makes. I think that’s how you get a bass to eat a popper, and Mad Max makes that sound better than anything else out there. The Mad Max imitates that sound perfectly. It’s simply an outstanding bait!”

Wisconsin fishing technology expert Dr. Jason Halfen has been whacking lake and river smallies with Mad Max. “I really appreciate Mad Max’s versatility,” asserts Halfen. “Sometimes, a hearty ‘chug’ followed by a long pause will be effective in calling bass from long distances. At other times, a nervous skitter across the surface that sprays a little water and leaves a distinct bubble trail is best. When working the bait away from cover in open water, a traditional walk-the-dog retrieve can be quite effective. Experimentation is the key, and with Mad Max, I know that each of those retrieves will be effective in triggering smallies.”

“I’ve been fishing Mad Max around shallow cover in both lakes and rivers. The popper is meticulously weighted and balanced, providing excellent casting distance and accuracy – a key attribute when fishing near unforgiving cover like docks, laydowns, and rocks. The Mad Max Feeder Gill color pattern has been performing well on natural lakes where bluegill are the primary bass forage, while the Bone color pattern has been excellent on shad-based rivers and reservoirs. I’m excited to be able to throw this bait all season, especially now that the water is cooling off and bass are strapping on their feed bags.”

Experts from across the country agree: the Mad Max popper from MONSTERBASS has earned a spot in your topwater starting lineup. Available now, the MONSTERBASS Mad Max is providing show-stopping surface action everywhere that bass swim. Look for the Mad Max popper in all September MONSTERBASS subscription bags, or find it on the web at Cast one today!

MONSTERBASS Mad Max Features

  • Length: 2 ½”
  • Weight: ⅓ ounce
  • Six Premium Colors
  • Squared Front Cup
  • Tapered Body
  • Super Sticky BKK Treble Hooks
  • Loud, Hypnotic Rattle


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